Sunday, April 29, 2012


So blogging has kind of been towards the bottom of my to-do list. (Almost) each day I read other blogs I follow and think, I should really post something, But then I don't. I'm usually at work when I think I should post something, but I can't post at work and when I get home I'm either working around the house or just don't feel like posting :

Here are some pictures on my phone that have been cracking me up. Not sure what we would do without these 2 little guys!

I came into our bedroom the other week and Kirby was just staring out the window. I'm not even sure he can see much out the window since he's kind of little, but he was intrigued by something that was going on out there. This went on for a few minutes...

Chris and I always joke about how funny Kirby looks when he sits. It's pretty comical
 Poor little Oscar had to make an unplanned visit to the vet last weekend. He had a little relapse of his stomach issues return (he had been on medication since December). We are crappy forgetful parents and kind of forgot to give him his medicine for a few weeks and I guess this is what happens...
Relaxing on 2 pillows after a long day at the vet clinic
 Kirby's new thing is to lay on the pillow on the bed. He's done this in the past, but for some reason last weekend he could not get enough of the pillows. He did this on our bed and in the guest bedroom. Maybe he was achy and the pillows helped?

 Part of Oscar's new treatment plan is new food. Apparently the new food is really good. He has been constantly guarding his food ball (he rolls the ball around to get his food out) so Kirby (and sometimes mom & dad) can't get it.
 There were a few nice evenings last week. I plopped down on the front lawn and soaked up some sun with my little guys. It felt great! I'm soooo ready for the nice warm weather to stay!
Oscar with some sun in his eyes

Little Kirby chillaxin in the grass

Oscar wouldn't look at me. He's a little camera shy
 Last week a manager brought in some cupcakes since she is leaving the company. She brought a couple dozen cupcakes from Cupcake I have been obsessed ever since. I've tasted quite a variety of them in the past few days and I've narrowed down a couple for my favorites (the s'more and the amaretto). I think they're pretty to look at. They're a little pricey, but for a special occasion I think they're fun!

Chocolate covered cherry cupcake I got from work, it was a little dry but the flavor was yummy!

This weekend we spent Saturday at the vet again for Oscar's check-up (everything looks good!), crossing a few projects around the house off our list and Chris worked that night while I met up with my mom to grab some grub and head over to Cupcake to pick up some treats for Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke with ambition to complete some craft projects I have going. I spent about 3 hours in the morning installing a program on our computer to do a project and then completing my project on the computer only to find out the device that hooks up to the computer couldn't be recognized. We went and met Chris's family to celebrate his mom's bf's birthday. We dined on some delicious food and then we all got to sample some of the cupcakes I got. It was fun to see everyone! When I got home, back to the computer I went to solve the mystery. At about 5, I had downloaded some stuff to recognize my device. I got everything to work, I was so excited! I went to apply the the thing I was working on and it really didn't work out very well. Needless to say, I spent about 6 hours on something I ended up throwing away. It was pretty frustrating. At least I tried....Now I'm just finishing up some laundry, paying bills and trying to clean up the mess I made in our office.

Hope you had a good weekend!