Sunday, February 12, 2012

Makeover Monday - Basement Bathroom

One of my favorite things we've done to our house so far is finishing our basement and I love the way the bathroom turned out. Chris showers down there daily and I don't really blame him. It makes me so happy to see the room put together the way it is. It turned out WAY better than I could have imagined. We were on a pretty tight budget when finishing our basement and this may have cost a tiny bit more than we may have planned, but it was so worth it!

Here are picture showing the progress. We started with nothing, but a hole in the floor for plumbing, all the walls were put up by my dad and Chris. 
We bought the vanity at Home Depot before we even had walls built yet (notice the tape lines that my dad laid out so we could "have a vision" of the walls). We found it on clearance for $75! We were in love with it and the reason for the clearance/open item return - "slow moving drawer" All of the drawers work perfectly fine. The real problem is that you can't find a pre-made vanity top to fit it. We also bought the above vanity top and had to return it because it didn't fit the unit properly. We were bummed but in the long run, it was the best problem ever!
Got some walls up. I was pretty pumped about the vanity and was constantly moving it in the bathroom to see what it looked like :)
Chris working on getting the sheetrock up
One of Chris's favorite jobs - mudding! "Do you want me to smile?"
Dad doing the "dry fit" for the floor tile

Ready for some grout

Next up? Some paint, that's where I come in

Pics showing the paint, floor, vanity. We had returned the vanity top by this point since it didn't fit
We decided to tile the shower. That wasn't the original plan, but looking at the price for the shower surround made us decide that it would be worth it to tile it. Luckily for us, my dad has done some tile work before (honestly - not a lot of experience, but you wouldn't guess it judging by the work he did here) We LOVE how it turned out. The shower is massive!
Close up of the mosaic. So happy with our choice of tiles!

Finished tile work. I think this is just after my dad and I grouted it so it's a little streaky still
So what on earth did we do about our vanity top that did not fit?? It bugged me so much that we were not able to find a top that fit. I thought about it constantly. I came up with a great idea and ran it by Chris. He was not completely on board with it and was a little skeptical (this happens a lot in our house!) I told him what I need to have built and we pieced together some wood that he had in the garage. We threw some sheetrock on it and he left for work for the night. I spent about 1 hour (maybe?) tiling it. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I sent him pictures of it and he was ecstatic about how it looked. He came home from work and couldn't believe how good it looked. I purchased the first bowl from Lowe's and the faucet too. We later returned the bowl after I found "the one" online. I'm so happy I looked for a different bowl!
The tile job I did while Chris was at work. Mosaic is easy to work with. It's harder to grout, but not terrible
The original bowl I purchased. The safety glass green just didn't fit in with our bathroom

The replacement. What an awesome upgrade for about $30 more! So worth it!

The finished project:

Completed shower with glass shower doors

View of the vanity

View into the bathroom

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Definition of a 'Chris Look'

I tease my husband A LOT  every now and then about different stuff (age, 'Chris looks', silliness - he loves it, I know he does). One of our favorites, which has also been adopted by his sister, is the 'Chris look'.

Many times my husband will be looking for stuff and will state that he's searched everywhere and just can't find _____.
My response is usually "Did you do a Chris look?"
Chris "No, I really checked everywhere and I can't find it."
Me "Do you want me to try to look for it?" (giving him another opportunity to find said item)
Chris "Yeah, go for it. I looked everywhere. I have no idea where it is. "
 10 seconds to a minute later

Me "Found it"
Chris "Where?!? I swear I looked everywhere!"
Me "Oh, just found it _____" (shaking head and pointing to a non-hidden or unusual place to find the item)
Both of us "Oh CT, what are we gonna do with you" (shaking our heads and chuckling)

Case in point. I was sitting down to have my lunch a few minutes ago and get a phone call from Chris. He wants to know where our address book is so he can give his dad a friend of ours' address (side bar - they delivered a healthy baby boy (Jack James) early this morning. We could not be more happy for them! Truly a blessing!). Our address book is typically stored in the 2nd drawer of the desk in our kitchen. We don't use it a ton, except to send out Christmas cards - otherwise it doesn't really move. He is aware of this spot.

Chris "I looked all over the place, do you know where it is?"
Me "Well, did you check the desk drawer? That's where it usually is."
Chris "Yeah, I looked there and I didn't see it." (checking desk drawer as he's saying this)
   a few seconds pass
Chris "Oh, I guess I didn't pull the drawer out far enough..."
Chris "Thanks hun!"
Me "No problem, love you!" (secretly plotting my next blog post)

Happy Thursday! We leave for Florida in less than 2 days, can't wait!!