Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome a little happiness in your life!

Things making me happy lately:
-In the last week, I’ve found out that 3 friends (close or not, I consider you a friend!) are expecting! Every time I hear someone is pregnant, I get so excited you would think I was having a baby – so incredibly happy for all of you girls and all of my other friends that are also expecting! I feel like the number grows daily J
-I’m planning a baby shower for a lifelong friend that is due in June and I’m having so much fun choosing things that go with the theme of her shower. I LOVE planning a party!
-I feel like my role at work is becoming more defined. It’s been a weird transition back and I’m not doing a lot of stuff I used to do before going on leave. I kind of like the work I’m doing now a lot more than what I used to do. Hoping my workload increase a tiny bit though…
-It’s been beautiful outside lately (seriously, above 30 degrees is considered beautiful in MN – so sad!) and I can’t wait for spring to get here so Bailey and I can go for walks and possibly maybe even jogs!
-Last night when I should’ve been upstairs taking a shower before bed, I decided to stay downstairs with Chris and Bailey. Chris had just gotten home from work a few minutes ago and I swear the little rascal (Bailey) decided to stay awake to see daddy. Bailey started giggling and continued to giggle at Chris for about 2 minutes straight. Unbelievably precious! I am so happy I didn’t miss that, because that is what I’m going to be remembering when I’m having a bad day – that sweet little laugh!
-Getting workouts in the last couple nights. They are not strenuous by any means and just at home workouts, but something is way better than nothing and it puts me in such a good mood!
-I’m hoping to get Bailey signed up for “swim lessons” this summer. The registration opens on Friday! I think it will be fun for the family and I can’t wait to see little Bailey and other cute babies in a pool!
-My drive to and from work has been amazing. I get to work at 630 and leave at 3. It’s a little rough getting up that early sometimes, but it’s 100% worth it to not sit in stupid traffic!
-Kirby feeling better. He went a couple of days where he was “broken” and it was so sad to see him not being himself for a few days. We’re not exactly sure what happened, but the other morning I woke up to Chris standing next to my side of the bed telling me that there’s something wrong with Kirby. Anytime Chris wakes me up, I immediately have a mini heart attack wondering who/what is wrong! He set Kirby down on the floor and Kirby just fell to the ground. He must’ve somehow hurt one of his little legs and was having a hard time walking/climbing stairs. He did a lot of laying around (much different from the usual laying around J) and is now on the mend! Thank goodness!! Love that little stinker!
-Spending time with my hubby! The curbing season is approaching with spring being near and that means that Chris will be at home in the evenings and we’ll have BBQs on the deck and play with Bailey. This also means that he will be continuously taking phone calls (hopefully!) from clients, spending evenings prepping for the next days’ work, unloading dirt/sod from his truck and just busy making a dollar. The transition into busy season is typically a little rough for us. Learning how to manage his schedule and know when he will be home for dinner and with Bailey in daycare it could get a little hairy…but hopefully we all survive!

What’s making you happy lately??

Friday, February 15, 2013

3 Months Old!

Let me just say that I was able to snap 61 pictures in a matter of about 15 minutes of this little stinker. These are the ones that "made the cut" It wasn't easy to not put all 61 pics on the collage
Bailey Bear you are 3 months old already, how is that even possible?! (this will probably be stated on every single monthly update, please don't get annoyed) This month hasn't been quite as eventful as previous months since there weren't very many holidays/events.

Here's what you've been up to:

You started Daddy Daycare and things seem to be going well for everyone! Mommy misses you guys when she's at work, but is lucky enough to talk to you and daddy a few times a day.

You met up with some blogger buddies again and enjoyed seeing all of the lovely ladies and cute little Miss Lillian

You met a kitty named TJ and I think he liked you

You went to another 1st birthday party this month!
This was my favorite...hey ladies - haha!
baby Jack!
You took a couple of naps in your crib like a big girl!

We swaddled you up like a burrito. You hated this at the hospital, but don't seem to mind it much now

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and were the cutest little cupid ever

You love to check yourself out in the mirror and mommy loves to look at you and get you to smile (even breaks out some crazy faces just for you)

You got some amazingly cute boots from "auntie" Sarah

You like to coo and talk and giggle and it is the best watching you do all of these.

You mastered the "duckface" pose which is hard to believe since you've never seen me do that before mainly because I don't...

You went to a baby shower for little Henry

You met baby Henry too since he came a couple weeks early, yay Henry!

He was ready for us to hit the road

Hi Henry, I'm Bailey...I can't wait to play with you!
You (and Sophie) came to work with daddy to visit me for Valentine's Day and brought me lunch

Mommy gave you a few baths all on her own. The first time mommy took pictures of you before your bath and you were so happy and then mommy picked you up and realized that you  had been peeing everywhere...that happiness comes from somewhere ;)

Other things to note

Height: 22" just a guess, that's what you were last month

Weight: 12ish pounds 

Head: 15.25" 

Places you've been: Jack's house for his birthday and Henry's house to meet him!

Doctor's Appointments: none this month, you will go next month...and mommy needs to make that appt :)

Daycare: We've got you all set to start with your daycare lady on Monday, March 4 :( She is so incredibly nice and we are happy with her from meeting with her. I know you will be loved so much in her home

Sleeping: You still sleep really well. You've had some really long stretches in there reaching up to 10 hours straight! We are still needing to get you down earlier, that's where you struggle. Luckily it hasn't impacted us too much since daddy doesn't work early in the mornings if he does work during the day at all

Eating: made your way through the stash that mommy had built up very quickly. Since going back to work, my supply went way down and when I pumped I would hardly get anything at all. This was a very difficult thing for mommy to deal with. I was hopeful to make it to 6 months - 1 year on my milk and that's just not going to be happening. I've come to terms and no there isn't anything else I can do about this, I tried everything. You started formula a week ago, boo :(

Clothing: This didn't change too can still squeeze into your newborn onesies, wear mostly 3 month pants, some 3 month onesies that are pretty big on you. 

Diapers: You are wearing size 1 diapers.  We have transitioned into cloth diapers for most of the day/night but will put you in a regular diaper sometimes too. 

Things you like: watching your puppies play, your Sophie giraffe, your musical puppy, watching basketball and football with daddy, when mommy and daddy dance and sing for you, listening to music, Fran and Stan the Fans are your go-to smile makers, going on car rides and shopping in the stores, waking up in the morning and seeing mommy and daddy puts smiles on all of our faces, sitting in your bumbo watching us in the kitchen, looking outside, when mommy and daddy tell you that you're pretty

Bailey~ you are our precious little peanut. Mommy and daddy love sharing our fun experiences we both have with you each day. Every night when you go to sleep we talk about the thousands of cute things you did during the day. You make us both tear up because we just can't get over how perfect you are for our family. I will never know what we did to deserve such a blessing, but will forever be thankful for having you in our lives! Love, Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Stuff

So, today was/is Valentine's Day! We don't go crazy overboard around here for the holiday. We made each other cards and Chris and Bailey brought me lunch (Qdoba - it was buy one get one free if you smooched someone in line, so unfortunately for Chris, he had to kiss Bailey - I know, the things he does for me!) I showed off brought Bailey around the office for every one to see her and meet Chris. I'm sure they are so tired of me bringing her there, but lucky for them I don't really care ;)

Here are some pics from today and from our little Valentine's Day photo shoot last Friday

she is getting so wiggly, always kicking and moving those little arms

Look at me, here I am!
Kisses everywhere!

Ok mom, I'm ready to be done with this!
Proof that she cries, nobody seems to believe us that she does
Just chillin'
Daddy, Bailey and Sophie for a visit at work
The best card I've ever gotten, pretty sweet guy I've got here :)
Kirby and Bailey
Bailey and her puppies
Kirby really loves her!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and celebrated as much (or little) as you wanted to!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That Tooth Fairy Lady

or scary guy that appeared when I searched google images for tooth fairy
 Just call me cheap Thrifty Thydean, but when I read comments on a Facebook friend of mine's post, I about died. Here is the question and comments so far. I've deleted out names along with some of the pointless comments. I realize some of these are still not serious answers, but left them in for good measure

Jack has a couple of really loose teeth so I'm wondering, what is the going rate from the 'tooth fairy' these days?
*She's been handing out $2 bills here. :0)
*Minimum of 5 bucks!
* $20 for the first one and $5 after that!
* I did 50 cents for the first one since it was special and 25 cents for the rest
* We did 8 quarters for the 1st one, and 4 for the others...
* The tooth fairy leaves $5 at our house...
* I told Ron I only had a 10.00 when Kacie lost her first one meaning that was to much. He added 2 more and gave her $12.00
* Since kids like quantity, we did the quarters as well. And our tooth fairy was silly (forgetful), they would find quarters in their shoes before school alot. :)
* $1/tooth at our house!
* Xbox 360 or PS3, two controllers and NHL '13
* $2 at our house! :)
* Whatever change you find under the couch cushions ;) Fun times ahead!
* $5
* 2 -dollar coins. Kids love em
* We do between 1 and 5 dollars depending on the tooth. Like when sully had his tooth pulled we gave him 5.
* $5 for the first. $1 for each one after.
* $500 a tooth & you have to give 20% commission to who ever gave you the idea :)
* We weren't sure either. Dawson got $10 - $5 so far....the bills we had in the house played a roll in that. I had also asked him what friends had gotten and it was roughly the same. For the exception of one friend who received $100. Pretty sure I am going to make a loose tooth and stay @ their house ;)
* i got a quarter, talk about inflation ;-)
I think I'm more shocked about the $5, $10, $20 comments (and the $100?? I'm with the commenter, I'll bust out a tooth for that!). I'm not sure what our exact rate will be for Bailey losing teeth, but I'm thinking more along the lines of the quarter method (quantity over value). Also, not sure about giving more for the first tooth. Will she remember what she got for the first and wonder why the others aren't equally important valuable??

Obviously we're not going to be worrying about this for quite a while since Bailey doesn't have any teeth as of yet, but just wondering if you have kids and they've lost teeth what your tooth fairy pays?