Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bridal Showers/MN Bloggers/Sick Baby

This past weekend went so quickly (as they usually do)

Friday night Bailey and I went out to grab a few things from the store and then came home to settle in for an evening of playing and goofing off.

Saturday was busy, busy! I went to the mall bright and early so I could not deal with mall traffic. I had to pick up some stuff from Bath and Bodyworks for the big Blogger meet-up that night. I also swung by Old Navy to grab some cute stuff for myself. I used a gift card from Christmas and scored some great stuff on clearance! I headed home to get ready for a bridal shower I was going to that afternoon in New Prague which is about a half hour southwest of where I live. It was in a cute little coffee shop.

Tara thanking everyone and introducing the beautiful bridesmaids

I made some cute little gift tags that matched her shower invite.
Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with my self :)
 After the shower, I called Chris to get directions to my next destination - Powderhorn Park - for our MN Blogger meet-up. Our theme for the party was "Favorite Things" and let me tell you, the ladies did an amazing job putting this together. We each brought 3 of our favorite thing ($5 was our budget/thing) and we would get to take home 3 of other people's things.
The loot of favorite things and an adorable sign that was made
This was my favorite thing - I ask for these lip
glosses every year for Christmas

I scored: Mini Eggs, lotion. lip stuff and a cute bag that
reminds me of an old friend - yes, please! Brought by Lindsey
I started panicking when I saw Jess post this on IG
I didn't have time to wrap my stuff! Luckily nobody
said anything ;) Inside was a cute coffee cup and
Lindt truffles - yum!
Kelly brought this fun pastel shirt with coordinating
nail polish and and adorable cloth bag - LOVE them!

All of the girls posing with the fun sign

After the party, some of the girls headed out to a bar in Calhoun Square and their hubby's were meeting them. I decided to stay and hang out for a while since my sweet Millie was watching Bailey I was able to enjoy a night out! Chris was working so he couldn't join us, but it was fun chatting with some of the other girls and meeting their husbands. 

The "rosemary infused" margarita I ordered - it was disgusting,
but it made me not drink it quickly which was probably good ;)
Chris sent me a text around 9 saying he was done with work and picking up Bailey. That was my cue to get the tab and head home. I showed Chris all of my loot when I got home, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he was jealous ;)

Sunday was spent around the house. I made a calendar of deep cleaning for our house where we clean a room/area. My goal is to be done by May 1. We started it really well, but have been getting behind. Chris tackled the laundry room while I worked on a few projects I had started and not completed (story of my life). Thank you hubby for your hard work!
I tried sewing an applique - I did decent around the
outside, the inside was difficult and I called it quits - haha!
My Sunday evening was spent with my monkeys and I lounging around. Bailey hadn't been feeling well all day so I let her get some rest.

She was laying on pillows/blankets in the living room and Kirby cuddled up with her
Kirby is wearing some of Oscar's hand-me-downs that we discovered in the laundry room - haha
This is the face I got when I told Bailey it was time to wake up
How do you say no to that (or not take a picture?)
MN Bloggers - I had such a fun time on Saturday. I think the next event should be in the planning stages immediately! Such a fun group of ladies!

This week needs to be over with ASAP and warm weather needs to show up like yesterday - so over the winter!

Friday, March 15, 2013

4 months

How is it possible for you to get cuter every.single.day?? You light up our lives so much and we are SO BLESSED to have you. I don't want to think about our lives before you were here. Sure, there may be a vacation to Florida, like we usually do in the late winter/early spring, but that doesn't even compare to the amount of joy that you've brought us in the past 4 months!

Here's what you've been doing this month:
 You started daycare on March 1!
You've done so well, I will probably cry if I ever see an "x" next to grumpy :(

Your daycare lady and her kids absolutely love you! I love picking you up and seeing your smiling face that ensures me you are happy there!
Pics from daycare of you!

You participated in the annual Moss Basket Days! I can't wait to see what we created in a couple of months!

Cambrie, Bailey and Claire!

Mommy finally completed your "baby blanket" for you...we won't discuss how much that cost :S

You and Henry joined Megan and I for an afternoon at Target to pick up some bridal shower gifts. You slept a lot of the trip and when you woke up, you were a smiley little girl:)
Bailey's date: Mr Henry - so cute!

Mommy, daddy and you ventured out to Bonfire for a date night. You were so good and napped for most of it and didn't cry when you were awake...seriously, such a good baby!

Your little monkey friends got haircuts. We went to a new place and are SO IMPRESSED with the friendliness, price and the additional services they offer compared to our usual place!

You got your first (and second...seen in the 4 month photos above) pair of baby legs. I'm obsessed and have pinned a tutorial to make my own cuz you know I will be breaking the bank with that obsession!

Practicing for Easter photos :)

You wake up happy. I wish that I was this happy when I woke up in the morning (soooo not the case!) Daddy is lucky to see that little face when he wakes up 5 days/week....wish it was me!

Hi dad! Let's go play now!

You are so observant these days! You notice when things are "out of place"

Geoffrey the Giraffe is usually on my right side...what's he doing on the other side, hmmm??

You like to help mama in the kitchen and thank goodness for that radio...you love to see mama dance and sing (you will have no rhythm and will be tone deaf in the future...but you're laughing now :))

Making a veggie tray!

Other things to note

Height: 24.25"
Weight: 13lbs 3oz
Head: 16.25"
Places you've been: Daycare (although you had visited there before), nana's, the usual stores, a few restaurants
Doctor's Appointments: none this month, you go in next Wednesday for your 4 month appt and will get shots again :(
Daycare: you started March 1. It's going so well, everyone loves you there! When I go to pick you up, Kristin's oldest daughter (12) is always holding you and she can't get enough of you!
Sleeping: Overall this is going well (maybe Chris should fill this one out since he is the one that gets up with you when you don't sleep). When you're on mommy's watch you sleep through the night pushing 11-12 hours! I like this routine :)
Eating: You eat every 3-4 hours and gobble down about 5oz each time
Clothing: Mostly wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 1 diapers when you wear regular diapers. You are almost always in a cloth diaper now and it's going really well! I'll throw a disposable on if I think you're going to poop soon. We have a pretty good system of washing the cloth diapers too - so I'm really happy with our decision to go cloth and Kristin doesn't seem to mind using them at daycare either!
Things you like: Sophie, your puppies and watching them play, sports on TV, your ceiling fans
Mommy likes: my hair - when down you like to pull it, and you like to watch me put it up in a ponytail too, watching me dance, hearing me sing - daddy took an embarrassing video of me singing to you that he plays to make you smile
Daddy likes: his fake laugh to get you to laugh, his monkey noises, watching sports together, hearing daddy's voice on the phone when he's working

Bailey Bear~
You are amazing, just simply amazing. I stare at your picture collages at work all.day.long. I laugh and smile constantly while looking at them (I think they're starting a special program at work just for me ;)). I know you're in great care with your daddy or Kristin (daycare lady)...although your outfits may not be perfect with daddy - he is trying his best and doing a great job :) I am often told how good of a baby you are and how smiley you are and I've recently come to realize that this is true! We hardly hear a cry out of you, it's usually just babbling, giggling or laughing - please don't stop this - EVER!

Monday, March 11, 2013

My addiction to Schlotzsky's will not break the bank now...and other ramblings

Just a few things from the weekend:

Claire, Cambrie and Bailey helping Millie with her basket
We did our annual moss basket day at Pahl’s Market. It was so fun to meet-up with everyone and little Bailey was so good while we were there. It was a little disappointing that a lot of the flowers were picked over and there wasn’t a ton left. I’m sure the baskets will turn out great, but I think we’ll be moving our reservation up a weekend next year!

Bailey likes to pull hair - poor Cambrie!
We were taking a group pic of the grandkids with Millie and Bailey spotted Cambrie’s hair in a ponytail directly in front of her and decided to grab on! Poor Cambrie…I thought she just didn’t want her picture taken, but there was a reason for the tears L

She was watching me get ready - I love that little girl so much!

On Sunday afternoon I met up with my friend Megan to get a present for our friend’s bridal shower next weekend. She brought little Henry with and he is so adorable! Sadly, no pics were taken but Bailey had a blast rolling the aisles of Target with Henry J
 Sunday night, I told Chris about this recipe I saw on pinterest for Reese’s peanut butter cup eggs. He was all sorts of confused by what I was talking about and claimed that he had never heard of them or eaten them…wait, what?! How is this possible? I feel like he was deprived as a child to have never had them waiting in his Easter basket. Maybe it’s his old age and memory going…but this will be changed immediately (like tonight when I attempt that recipe)
Today…some big news here! I left work at about 10:15 to go to my favorite sandwich shop in Edina (Schlotzskys Deli). They are starting to sell Cinnabon rolls at the deli so they posted on FB that the first 25 customers to order a 6 pack of Cinnabon rolls would get a card for a free small original sandwich each week for the next year. I’ve gotten that sandwich every.single.time I’ve gone there for the past 17 years. I was skeptical on if I should go. It’s about a 15 minute drive (each way) to get there from my office and I could use my lunch time, but then would have to make up some time and what if I don’t get the card...Chris told me I should go or I would regret it. Best decision ever, thank you hubby!

I got there at 10:40 and there were about 5 other cars in the lot – nobody standing in line. At 10:50 I decide that I’m going to start the line. I’ve never participated in anything like this…waiting in line to be the first xxx customer in. I was super anxious and ridiculously excited. I also wanted to get my stuff and get out since I have to make up the time I’m missing. So, I go stand in front of the door and within a minute everyone else that was there (about 10 others) joins me. We had some light conversations. It was kind of fun (but a little chilly…should’ve waited 5 more minutes) to talk to complete strangers about our obsession with this place. I was the first customer and got my rolls and my free sandwich for the week for lunch. The rolls cost $15.01 and I will definitely be getting my money’s worth out of that card!
Also, I brought the rolls back to my office and let my co-workers eat them. I look like such a nice co-worker…little do they know…ok, actually they all know cuz I’m still overly excited about it and telling them all when they come get the rolls – haha!
And that's enough of my ramblings for today...Happy Monday~

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: Thank you for making an appearance!!

Dear Bailey's daycare lady: Thank you so much for sending home a disc of Bailey's 3 days with you. They are adorable! Keep 'em coming!

Dear Treadmill: I owned you yesterday (4 miles in 42 mins...Go Me!)! I am so anxious to get back into running!

Dear Bailey: Sorry that I chose to call your daycare lady yesterday to see if you could hang out there for an extra hour and a half so mommy could get her run on. Talk about mom guilt! Trust me, if my body could magically be in shape without effort - I would MUCH rather hang with you than the dreadmill!

Dear Snow: I'm tired of you, please go away! I want spring so I can play outside with my baby

Dear Boss Lady's Daughter: I seriously hope you feel better soon!! You were diagnosed with a bad case of pneumonia yesterday and have been battling colds, flus, now pneumonia for the past month. I feel so bad for you (and your mama!). Please get well soon!

Dear Fellow Moss Basketers: I'm excited to create our baskets this weekend! It's always such a fun day and I'm so happy that Bailey can join us this year!

Dear Nightmares: Please don't ever repeat the one I had last night. Running through a mall trying to find my baby in different stores is NOT how I want to spend my nights sleeping (or lack thereof)

Dear Family: I love you! You make me so happy every day...even on the bad ones :) We're a pretty awesome "Team Thydean"

Happy Friday Friends!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm Loving and What I Made Link-ups

I’m doing a combo link-up today…cuz I can J
I’m loving:
That it’s Wednesday so we’re half way through the week and Chris has the night off so we’re going out to dinner tonight, yay!
That Bailey is doing well at daycare so far…2 days down and everyone seems to be happy

That this weekend Bailey and I will be meeting up with some ladies for our annual Moss Basket Day at Pahl’s Market. I love picking the basket up in May and get a surprise of what’s been planted. I don’t do the same one every year so it’s always a surprise!

Moss Basket Days 2012

That my boss lady was really nice yesterday and let us leave at 2. I wish we could’ve not worked at all, but such is life
That spring is near…you can’t tell by the ton of snow that dumped on us yesterday
My new sewing machine…I have big plans for it. Hopefully I have time to accomplish all that I want to!
Bailey’s smiling face when I get home or pick her up from daycare. It’s such a great feeling that she recognizes me/my voice


What I made:
I started making Bailey a blanket while pregnant with her and had such a hard time using my mom’s sewing machine. I’m about 95% sure that there is nothing wrong with the machine and it’s my lack of experience with sewing/machines but I kept having issues with the tension and finally asked Chris last Friday if I could buy a sewing machine. He lovingly said yes…so off to the store I went. I’m sure I got a better machine than I need, but I hope that I can use it for many things on my Pinterest boards that I’ve wanted to make. Anyways…long story short what has taken me 9+ months to finish only took about 30 minutes with the new machine. It’s absolutely the furthest thing from being perfect, but I’m sure Bailey will enjoy snuggling with it J