Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Friday: Thank you for making an appearance!!

Dear Bailey's daycare lady: Thank you so much for sending home a disc of Bailey's 3 days with you. They are adorable! Keep 'em coming!

Dear Treadmill: I owned you yesterday (4 miles in 42 mins...Go Me!)! I am so anxious to get back into running!

Dear Bailey: Sorry that I chose to call your daycare lady yesterday to see if you could hang out there for an extra hour and a half so mommy could get her run on. Talk about mom guilt! Trust me, if my body could magically be in shape without effort - I would MUCH rather hang with you than the dreadmill!

Dear Snow: I'm tired of you, please go away! I want spring so I can play outside with my baby

Dear Boss Lady's Daughter: I seriously hope you feel better soon!! You were diagnosed with a bad case of pneumonia yesterday and have been battling colds, flus, now pneumonia for the past month. I feel so bad for you (and your mama!). Please get well soon!

Dear Fellow Moss Basketers: I'm excited to create our baskets this weekend! It's always such a fun day and I'm so happy that Bailey can join us this year!

Dear Nightmares: Please don't ever repeat the one I had last night. Running through a mall trying to find my baby in different stores is NOT how I want to spend my nights sleeping (or lack thereof)

Dear Family: I love you! You make me so happy every day...even on the bad ones :) We're a pretty awesome "Team Thydean"

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Bailey is so sweet! :) And good work on the treadmill! That's great! :)

  2. Awesome job on the treadmill!!

    1. hahaha...We say "Team Lares" all the funny!! :)

      Way to rock the treadmill yesterday! So sweet your daycare lady provides you with adorable pics of Bailey throughout the day. She looks so happy there.

      AAannnddd...I had a similar nightmare when I was pregnant with Alexa. But, instead a strange couple was trying to kidnap her out of her stroller at the mall. I tried everything to break their grasp on her and eventually tried to BITE them and ended up actually biting a chunk out of my husbands arm in his sleep. He jumped out of bed and was bleeding. Poor guy! After explaining to him the whole dream - he was more worried about me than his arm!!

  3. Love the pics from daycare! Bailey is adorable.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Good work on the treadmill!

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  6. Bailey is seriously the happiest baby I've ever seen! I bet its because she has some great parents!

    Great job on the workout!

  7. Great job on your workout's lady! And Miss. Bailey is so adorable! I'm ready for Spring too. This snow storms that keep popping up are getting really old!