Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I'm Loving and What I Made Link-ups

I’m doing a combo link-up today…cuz I can J
I’m loving:
That it’s Wednesday so we’re half way through the week and Chris has the night off so we’re going out to dinner tonight, yay!
That Bailey is doing well at daycare so far…2 days down and everyone seems to be happy

That this weekend Bailey and I will be meeting up with some ladies for our annual Moss Basket Day at Pahl’s Market. I love picking the basket up in May and get a surprise of what’s been planted. I don’t do the same one every year so it’s always a surprise!

Moss Basket Days 2012

That my boss lady was really nice yesterday and let us leave at 2. I wish we could’ve not worked at all, but such is life
That spring is near…you can’t tell by the ton of snow that dumped on us yesterday
My new sewing machine…I have big plans for it. Hopefully I have time to accomplish all that I want to!
Bailey’s smiling face when I get home or pick her up from daycare. It’s such a great feeling that she recognizes me/my voice


What I made:
I started making Bailey a blanket while pregnant with her and had such a hard time using my mom’s sewing machine. I’m about 95% sure that there is nothing wrong with the machine and it’s my lack of experience with sewing/machines but I kept having issues with the tension and finally asked Chris last Friday if I could buy a sewing machine. He lovingly said yes…so off to the store I went. I’m sure I got a better machine than I need, but I hope that I can use it for many things on my Pinterest boards that I’ve wanted to make. Anyways…long story short what has taken me 9+ months to finish only took about 30 minutes with the new machine. It’s absolutely the furthest thing from being perfect, but I’m sure Bailey will enjoy snuggling with it J


  1. My daycare has very similar daily reports- I LOVE reading them. It makes me feel like I know what happened throughout the day and I even keep the important/funny/silly ones for Aubrey to look back when she's older.

    That blanket you made for Bailey will also be a great keepsake as well and I am sure because you made it for her, she's going to love it even more!

  2. So cute! I love that she can snuggle with a blanket made by mommy! :)

  3. yah! I love that you made her a blankie, my mommy made me a blankie when i was a baby and lets just say i STILL HAVE IT! to be treasured forever! ;)

    i had plans to make avrie a blankie but she got SO many for shower gifts that i didnt need to make her another one. maybe next time ;)

    glad daycare is going well, avrie goes part-time and i LOVE the daily reports we are sent home with.

    1. Thanks for linking up, Becky!! The blanket for Bailey is adorable. AWESOME that you were able to get a new sewing machine.

  4. Glad daycare is going well! That blanket is super cute - nice work!

  5. Love the blankie! I have tension issues also... only not necessarily with my sewing machine... well, maybe with my sewing machine... I don't know, I never use it!

    I am going to try linking up with Dawn soon, too. I realize I only get three or four views from What I Like Wednesday... might be done with that one!

    Take care!