Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bridal Showers/MN Bloggers/Sick Baby

This past weekend went so quickly (as they usually do)

Friday night Bailey and I went out to grab a few things from the store and then came home to settle in for an evening of playing and goofing off.

Saturday was busy, busy! I went to the mall bright and early so I could not deal with mall traffic. I had to pick up some stuff from Bath and Bodyworks for the big Blogger meet-up that night. I also swung by Old Navy to grab some cute stuff for myself. I used a gift card from Christmas and scored some great stuff on clearance! I headed home to get ready for a bridal shower I was going to that afternoon in New Prague which is about a half hour southwest of where I live. It was in a cute little coffee shop.

Tara thanking everyone and introducing the beautiful bridesmaids

I made some cute little gift tags that matched her shower invite.
Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with my self :)
 After the shower, I called Chris to get directions to my next destination - Powderhorn Park - for our MN Blogger meet-up. Our theme for the party was "Favorite Things" and let me tell you, the ladies did an amazing job putting this together. We each brought 3 of our favorite thing ($5 was our budget/thing) and we would get to take home 3 of other people's things.
The loot of favorite things and an adorable sign that was made
This was my favorite thing - I ask for these lip
glosses every year for Christmas

I scored: Mini Eggs, lotion. lip stuff and a cute bag that
reminds me of an old friend - yes, please! Brought by Lindsey
I started panicking when I saw Jess post this on IG
I didn't have time to wrap my stuff! Luckily nobody
said anything ;) Inside was a cute coffee cup and
Lindt truffles - yum!
Kelly brought this fun pastel shirt with coordinating
nail polish and and adorable cloth bag - LOVE them!

All of the girls posing with the fun sign

After the party, some of the girls headed out to a bar in Calhoun Square and their hubby's were meeting them. I decided to stay and hang out for a while since my sweet Millie was watching Bailey I was able to enjoy a night out! Chris was working so he couldn't join us, but it was fun chatting with some of the other girls and meeting their husbands. 

The "rosemary infused" margarita I ordered - it was disgusting,
but it made me not drink it quickly which was probably good ;)
Chris sent me a text around 9 saying he was done with work and picking up Bailey. That was my cue to get the tab and head home. I showed Chris all of my loot when I got home, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he was jealous ;)

Sunday was spent around the house. I made a calendar of deep cleaning for our house where we clean a room/area. My goal is to be done by May 1. We started it really well, but have been getting behind. Chris tackled the laundry room while I worked on a few projects I had started and not completed (story of my life). Thank you hubby for your hard work!
I tried sewing an applique - I did decent around the
outside, the inside was difficult and I called it quits - haha!
My Sunday evening was spent with my monkeys and I lounging around. Bailey hadn't been feeling well all day so I let her get some rest.

She was laying on pillows/blankets in the living room and Kirby cuddled up with her
Kirby is wearing some of Oscar's hand-me-downs that we discovered in the laundry room - haha
This is the face I got when I told Bailey it was time to wake up
How do you say no to that (or not take a picture?)
MN Bloggers - I had such a fun time on Saturday. I think the next event should be in the planning stages immediately! Such a fun group of ladies!

This week needs to be over with ASAP and warm weather needs to show up like yesterday - so over the winter!


  1. So glad that I got to see you this weekend! :) Bailey is SO DANG CUTE!

  2. hahaha that drink was NOT good!

  3. Bailey and the pups get me every time. I'm curious to see how Dexter would react to a baby. Hopefully we can do a puppy play date this Spring/Summer.

    Good to see you, even though we didn't get to chat too much. Hopefully next time.

  4. So glad I got to see you! I love Bailey's look when you told her to wake up...fast forward 16 years and you will probably see that face again :)

  5. So bummed I couldn't make it to the blogger party!

    OMG- Look at that pouty lip! Too cute!

  6. even her sad face is ADORABLE!

    so fun seeing you and i laughed as your wrote that your drink was DISGUSTING! The sprig of Rosemary would have had me sending it back ;)

    i am trying to get a cooking class planned for the next meet up :) hope you'd be willing to join!

  7. I'm so glad you could make it to both parts of the meet up on Saturday! I know it's harder as a mom, so I'm glad we could both make a whole night of it!

  8. It was so great seeing you Saturday!

    Seriously Bailey is so adorable.

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