Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 months

Here's what Bailey Rose got up to this month:

You started off the month a little rough and mommy got a call at work that you were puking at daycare. Nothing a little mommy TLC couldn't resolve. Not gonna lie,  pretty happy that you didn't continue puking while with me :) PS for you new mommies, you're not supposed to give babies formula if they are pukey sick (it dehydrates them) - go with pedialyte (or call your doctor). We went with slightly watered down pedialyte and she was fine. 
You don't really look too sick here, but I could tell you weren't your normal Bailey self

Your cousins Claire and Max LOVE to give you lots of kisses!

You celebrated cousin Claire's 4th birthday! I can't believe she's already 4, seems like just yesterday we got the amazingly great news that she was going to be joining our lives!
Claire is the one in the pink (she has a lot of help from her friends/cousins)
 Your new thing is to sneak your little hands out of the swaddle and sleep with them behind your head, I think this is so adorable!
 We helped Nana and Grandpa Brad at the flip house. You were so helpful! 
You also love the new bouncy toy we got you! You have the exact same one at daycare :)
 Daddy, Mommy and you went out to dinner at Old Chicago and we were SO happy to see they have brought back the nachos that they took off the menu in December. Probably the best news ever!
Cheers for Nachos!
 You drew mommy and daddy some pics on the iPad - you're so talented!
Hi mama, I'm so BIG
 I tried to get you to crawl to my nacho plate, just cuz that would be really cool but we're not quite crawling yet. So, so close!
 You are so silly sometimes when we put you down for a nap. You were staring up at us smiling and giggling here and we didn't want you to go to sleep
 We went on quite a few walks this month. The weather is finally getting much nicer. I love jogging and walking with you!
 You had your 6 month check-up on May 9. You look a little concerned about what the scale would say, but you're still a little peanut :)
 Nana loves to spend time with you and snuggle with you. You take some pretty cute pics together!
 I put you in your big girl chair that mommy recovered from the trash last summer. It's still not completely finished, but you look pretty cute (and grown up!) in it
 I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day with you. It was such a wonderful day and definitely puts a whole new meaning to the day
 You got to visit Nana and Grandpa Brad's baby geese. You weren't quite sure what to think...don't worry, you're not the only one ;)
You celebrated your Nana's 5- birthday this month!
That's cousin Max and Nana with her yummy cake! Photo courtesy of s-i-l Whit :)
Other things to note

Height: 26"
Weight: 15lbs
Head: 17"
Places you've been: Still no zoo (worst parents ever!), a few garage sales, a trip to the mall without a stroller (that was interesting)
Doctor's Appointments: 6 month appt was on May 9. You did sooo good. You got 4 shots and only cried for about a minute.
Daycare: They love you there! We got some pretty bad news this month. Our daycare lady is moving at the end of May. It's a great step for her and her family, but really stinks for the daycare situation. We are going to continue to bring you to her new place in Elko (25 min from our house). We're planning to do this until the winter as long as it works for everyone. She felt so bad when she told us and didn't expect us to bring you down there, but we want you to be in her care, so we'll make it work-somehow!
Sleeping: you've slept in your crib every single night. I can't believe how well this transition went for you. You're amazing! Sometimes we even have to wake you up in the morning!
Eating: 6oz every 3-4 hours. You've still been getting rice cereal about once/day. We took a break after you got sick this month. You also started some bananas this month and you seem to like them so far!
Clothing: Mostly wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 2 diapers when you wear regular diapers and cloth is still going great!
Things you like: watching your puppies (you think they're hilarious), Kirby gets excited to get you up in the morning, the song "I got you"(I feel good) by James Brown - it's our go-to if you're upset (rare), swinging, splashing in the pool, watching the kids at daycare blow bubbles, your exersaucer/bouncer toy, getting attention from strangers (makes you a little shy, but you always smile), your hands are amazing to you - you just stare at them, you are so much more interactive with us - you know your name, you are more mobile and you like to grab at things/chew on things
Mommy likes: you love it when mommy sings, dances and talks, when you see mommy pick you up at daycare - you get so excited
Daddy likes: still loving when daddy comes home from work or when we call him. Most of the time you try to eat/kiss the phone and end up hanging up on him. 

Bailey Bear (from Daddy this month)~
You are the most amazing little sweetheart we could ever ask for!  The love/joy/fun/excitement you have brought to our lives is beyond our greatest expectations!  You have the sweetest personality and are a genuinely happy little girl, and for that we are so thankful.  You are such an easy baby to care for - you rarely cry, you are always smiling and you sleep so well.  We can tell your little heart is happy and at peace.  You are growing up so quickly and we never imagined watching you change could be so fun and impact us like it has!  Thank you for being the biggest blessing of our lives.  We love you Bailey Rose!  Love, Daddy

You've grown into such a beautiful, happy baby!

I'd like to note that while I wrote the majority of this post over a week ago, it was very difficult to finish it last night knowing that there are so many families who lost their kids/babies yesterday. I'm so sorry for the people in Moore, OK for the terrible storm that passed through yesterday. Hearing the news playing last night was torture to think what it would be like to be in their shoes. Praying for the families that were affected!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

Here's a short little recap of my First Mother's Day (with lots of pics!)

Little Miss Bailey decided she wanted to spend a lot of time with me yesterday (how sweet!) so she woke up at 7am, opposed to her usual 8/9am. I was awake anyways, so not a big deal.

Chris got her out of the crib and we did family time in the bed where we sit and stare at her, try to make her laugh and smile (easy task) and Chris plays a few videos of her on his phone so she can watch and giggle at herself. After doing this for about 20 minutes, Chris went downstairs and got a bottle ready for her and said that I could either stay in bed and come down in 25 minutes or I could feed Bailey in her nursery, but couldn't come downstairs! I chose to feed Bailey so that I could cuddle with my sweet little girl. We went to her nursery, she ate and then we read the book "Mothers and Daughters". Shortly after that we got the word that we could come downstairs.

CT had whipped up a delicious breakfast for me (I took a picture and then decided that it looked super unhealthy and decided not to post it). It was so good (and unhealthy)! I had flowers on the table, a card, a white box and a cooler all waiting for me! So loved!

Not impressed with flowers, I guess
Chris had to go in to work for a few hours. So Bailey and I went for a jog/walk, did laundry and some light cleaning around the house. 
Sooo helpful with her laundry!
Later that afternoon, we headed over to Millie's house to drop off her present and see the baby geese that had hatched. I joked to Chris that we were going to see Gosling as in Ryan Gosling and that was my Mother's Day present...he wasn't too impressed ;)
Bailey with one of the babies - not too sure what to think!

Me and Bailey at Nana's house

Bailey and her Nana
Then we got home and Chris got ready to go out to dinner. We went to Teresa's Mexican restaurant in Prior Lake. We used to go to the one in Lakeville all the time when we lived there and now one just opened up down the street from us! Sooooo yummy! I decided to treat myself to large mango margarita. Well, actually we shared - I'm not that mom...most of the time :)
I don't know what my deal was, I couldn't get a normal smile - this is 1 of about 10 crappy pics!

Then, I took a pic of Bailey and Chris. She has been blowing some raspberries lately and wouldn't stop for this pic. I can't look at this pic without laughing. She's a goofball...can't imagine where she gets that from!

silly girl
When we got home, I asked Chris to take some pics of me and Bailey. She's is just so darn precious - I love her to pieces. I now have these streaming on my desktop background at work.

CT didn't want to have his pic taken, Bailey did!

Big girl standing with mommy!

 We capped off the weekend/night by watching The Voice (Bailey's favorite!). For some reason, we're both just not into it as much this season - anyone else? Bailey is so close to sitting on her own! She can for a short period of time. It's just so unbelievable to me how much she has grown and developed in the past month!
Adam Levine - you're so dreamy!
A little disclaimer on Bailey's outfit...I was looking for an outfit for her to wear yesterday morning. I got the dress in a box of hand-me-downs from a friend of mine and honestly thought she would never wear it. I'm not normally a pink and zebra print kind of girl (no offense if you are, just not my thing) but saw it and saw that it said I Love Mom...Mother's Day seemed like the perfect opportunity! The leggings are knee-high socks from Target that I cut the feet off of (poor lady's baby legs) and she had the hair bow from before. I think she looked ridiculously cute and some day in the future she will probably hate me for it!

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

My First Mother's Day

We've celebrated Mother's Day before with our fur babies and last year we kind of celebrated the sweet little girl growing in my belly (Chris got me some pretty flowers). Last year's Mother's Day was  amazing. We finally got to tell the rest of our family and announce it to the world via Facebook that we were pregnant.
us with Millie - Mother's Day 2012
This year, I'm so thankful to have the sweetest little baby girl to hold and cuddle. Truly unbelievable how much pure joy I feel for her. She melts my heart, brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart skip a beat when I see her...and then she smiles or giggles and I lose it because I just can wrap my head around how gosh darn much I love her!
Bailey Rose - May 11, 2013
We don't have much planned tomorrow. Chris is working for a few hours during the day, I might swing by Millie's house to check out the new baby geese that have hatched and then Chris has something planned for tomorrow night. I don't care what I do tomorrow, as long as I get to be with my little peanut because she means the world to me!

I hope you moms, grandmas, moms-to-be, moms praying for a child have an amazing day tomorrow!