Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Deal on Tide!!

Thanks to Sarah at, here is a great deal on Tide detergent! I just orderd mine, yay!!

There is a fantastic deal on Tide right now. Better move fast!!
You can get a 50 oz. bottle of Tide for $5.99 and shipping is free. If you log into your account, you will also find a coupon that you can apply to your order for $2 off, which makes this $3.99!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Much HGTV/DIY Network Leads to....

Every Saturday and Sunday morning we tune into HGTV. This is dangerous/knowledgeable because it makes me want to try the things I see. It can also inspire us. We're pretty handy. We finished our basement last winter (not completely on our own). Those pictures would make some good blog posts later...

Anyways, here is what we got up to this weekend. Friday I met up with an old co-worker at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was good to catch up and have some of these

You're supposed to add Champagne, but I didn't think they would do that at Buffalo Wild Wings

After happy hour, I went to help out Chris's mom watching the kids niece and nephew). They were sleeping/on their way to bed by the time I got there...not much help. I provided entrainment/company for my m-i-l. Then Chris was home so we watched a few shows on the DVR and called it a night.

Saturday we slept in and watched HGTV. We went to Olive Garden for lunch to try their new paninis.

Much to our disappointment, they only serve them during the week. We ended up just leaving (NEVER dome that before). Our server was soooo slow for how un-busy they were at 11:15. We didn't want to stick around for crappy service. We went to Burger Jones and got nachos...they were soooo disappointing. Probably one of the worst meals we've had out for a long time :(

That evening when Chris went to work, I started working on a project that's been around for a while. Still not quite done, but here's what I got finished so far.

The beginning of the end table

After I removed the original finish/Mud from when we finished the basement...

After I applied the first coat of stain/sealer. I still have at least 2-3 coats left. I'm happy so far :)

Sunday, slept in again and watched HGTV again. I ran some errands in the morning and then came home and started preparing PF Chang's lettuce wraps. After our not great experience out Saturday, I decided we were staying home on Sunday for lunch. They turned out pretty good, not the same as the restaurant. While I was running errands in the morning, I decided to pick up 2 gallons of paint to start some more projects. Here is one of them:

 Here is the start (sorry I got really excited and forgot to take a pic)
Here is the finish. I LOVE it!

That evening I also started painting our laundry room and the storage room connected to it. Those pictures to come soon!

Today I went to work an HOUR early so that Chris and I could go golfing tonight. It wasn't too difficult to get up earlier and it was really nice to leave at 3 instead of 4.

Here are some pics of him golfing tonight. It was beautiful weather for October 24

Putting it in like a Pro!

I did surprisingly well considering this is my 2nd time out this year:)

A special birthday wish to my niece who turned 1 today. Love you Leah!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recovery

On Friday, I worked a half day and then stopped by Target on my way home to pick up the necessities for recovering from my wisdom teeth removal.
Your standard items: Mac & Cheese, pudding, ice cream, soup, instant potatoes, yogurt (for smoothies), bananas and notice the one item in the middle...the crack gelato imported from Italy. I have eyed that stuff over in the freezer section for a while, but it's $4.99 for the container. I figured, how often do I get my wisdom teeth removed...I can splurge. So.freakin.good! It's creamy and delicious. I got the dulce de leche flavor . It's gone. I polished it off tonight. Chris had a spoonful or two. I ate the rest. I don't feel bad. It felt AMAZING on my sore gums and it tasted pretty dang good, too!

Moving on...After getting the above supplies, I had to go get some lunch. Something that would be satisfying since I won't be eating my faves for a few weeks. I didn't want to over eat since I would be going to the dentist and also nothing too garlic-y or onion-y. This is what I ended up with. I was definitely happy! It made me feel like I was back home since we have 3 Taco John's in the small town I'm from and was pretty much eaten once/week growing up. I had1 taco and potato oles. Perfect amount of food.

During my surgery, I got laughing gas and I swear there was a rock concert in my operating room. I was in my own little world. Chris thought it was pretty funny when I told him my random thoughts during the procedure. I was shaking when I left the office. I don't really know why, but I wasn't a fan of that feeling. Chris brought me home and we watched a couple of shows before he headed to work for the night. I wasn't really in any pain, just groggy. I watched some shows I had on the DVR for the next few hours until Chris got home. I went to bed early

I woke up late, felt fine, just groggy still. We went for a walk with the pups in the morning, did a little bit of yard work (I raked some leaves and he moved some rock). He had plans to play golf with some friends that afternoon so he left to go golfing and was gone until about 6. I went shopping, cleaned our house and just bummed around. Chris came home, we watched some TV shows that night and just relaxed. I went to bed pretty early again.

I picked this up for Kirby on Saturday. They're puppy pj's. So cute and he doesn't even mind having them on.
The pj's provided a lot of entertainment for Chris and I over the weekend. Plus, they're fitting - he is the "bad" dog out of the two

I woke up late, still feeling fine and started cleaning the house -again! I got confirmation from my mom that I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year for my family (parents, brother and his family and us) so I have started to do some of the deep cleaning now.

We went in the backyard and laid out some plans for the garden and fire pit area we want back there. Still a work in progress, but I'm happy to hear that I can have a veggie garden next year. Now I need to figure out what I want in it. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and went on an interesting shopping trip. More details later...
Working on a craft project Sunday night. Kirby is my "helper" I told Chris we should see if Santa is hiring!

Overall a great weekend! I hardly feel any discomfort at all with my teeth extraction. Just restricted on what I can eat, which is a bummer at times but overall a lot better than what some people go through.

Hope you have a great week! I'm excited to volunteer at a local charity for work tomorrow - should be a fun day!

Disclaimer: I often post pictures of my dog Kirby, but not many of Oscar. I (we) do not like one of our dogs more than the other. Oscar does not like his picture taken. As soon as I point the camera at him, he turns his face the other direction or buries his face in a blanket or pillow. Kirby looks directly at the camera - even if there is evidence (toilet paper/leaves/grass/ANYTHING) of something on his face. So that is why Kirby gets a lot of blog love around here. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Good and The Bad

The good news is that I only work half a day tomorrow (YAY)!

The bad news is that I only work half a day tomorrow because I'm getting 2 of my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow afternoon (BOO)!

I got my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled about 10 years and the whole process went incredibly well. I was in and out of the dentist in about 30-45 minutes. I couldn't believe that I was done and the dentist had to show me the teeth to prove it to me. I had no issues with my recovery.

I am hoping this time around goes that well! I have heard quite a few horror stories over the past couple of weeks from people getting theirs removed...kind of freaks me out.

Not a whole lot planned for this weekend. I will be recovering and hopefully we can continue working on our front yard. We got some of the mulch put down on Tuesday and we are loving the look of it so much.

I hope everyone has a good weekend! Think of me tomorrow and the next few days every time you're eating your delicious food! I will be surviving on shakes, pudding, mashed potatoes and soup...yum :(

Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's been a while...

So...I'm finally back from my blogcation.

  • I have been busy with wrapping things up from my previous job and starting/training in my new position.
  • Chris's grandpa came up from Florida for 2 weeks and we spent a week's worth of evenings with his family then went to the cabin for the weekend.
  • Throw in a number of birthdays that have passed and are coming up 
  • Amazing weather that does not make we want to sit inside and type on my computer and you get me not blogging for about a month!
Here are some pics from the cabin
The crew fishing Saturday, Oct 1 (Janeal, Brad, Grandpa, Hubs)
Grandpa, me and Hubs
Later that night we went out on the lake the cabin is on. Chris and Kirby - later on Kirby had that hook in him...he's always getting into stuff
Me and Oscar - LOVE my jacket - not stylish but it was super warm for that weekend
Oscar and Kirby were going crazy over that bucket. We put the fish we caught in there and they wouldn't leave it alone
Kirby was obsessed!
Beautiful sunset on the lake. So peaceful up there and so happy that we have the cabin to go to :)

This is what we got up to this weekend - our new project started today
Kirby with a leaf stuck to his beard. I swear there is glue on his beard cuz he's ALWAYS got stuff on his face
We started removing all of the rock - we're going to put in rubber mulch - this will be done in stages all around our house
There were a lot of leaves to rake out of the rocks

Close up of the perennials we planted. We can't wait to see this all filled in next year

This is where we got today. We have some more rocks to remove and we have to put fabric and mulch down.
We also have some bulbs to plant in front of our retaining wall. I've never planted bulbs before, I'm really excited to see them blooming next spring!!

Other than that, the Vikes finally pulled off a win today (YAY)! Minnesotans can be happy again! I went for a walk with both dogs all by myself tonight. I was impressed on how well we did, it's usually a mess and I come back frustrated but tonight was peaceful. The weather is so perfect right now. Winter is going to be rough when it gets here. I'm enjoying every second of this I can.

Hope you have a great week!