Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Recovery

On Friday, I worked a half day and then stopped by Target on my way home to pick up the necessities for recovering from my wisdom teeth removal.
Your standard items: Mac & Cheese, pudding, ice cream, soup, instant potatoes, yogurt (for smoothies), bananas and notice the one item in the middle...the crack gelato imported from Italy. I have eyed that stuff over in the freezer section for a while, but it's $4.99 for the container. I figured, how often do I get my wisdom teeth removed...I can splurge. So.freakin.good! It's creamy and delicious. I got the dulce de leche flavor . It's gone. I polished it off tonight. Chris had a spoonful or two. I ate the rest. I don't feel bad. It felt AMAZING on my sore gums and it tasted pretty dang good, too!

Moving on...After getting the above supplies, I had to go get some lunch. Something that would be satisfying since I won't be eating my faves for a few weeks. I didn't want to over eat since I would be going to the dentist and also nothing too garlic-y or onion-y. This is what I ended up with. I was definitely happy! It made me feel like I was back home since we have 3 Taco John's in the small town I'm from and was pretty much eaten once/week growing up. I had1 taco and potato oles. Perfect amount of food.

During my surgery, I got laughing gas and I swear there was a rock concert in my operating room. I was in my own little world. Chris thought it was pretty funny when I told him my random thoughts during the procedure. I was shaking when I left the office. I don't really know why, but I wasn't a fan of that feeling. Chris brought me home and we watched a couple of shows before he headed to work for the night. I wasn't really in any pain, just groggy. I watched some shows I had on the DVR for the next few hours until Chris got home. I went to bed early

I woke up late, felt fine, just groggy still. We went for a walk with the pups in the morning, did a little bit of yard work (I raked some leaves and he moved some rock). He had plans to play golf with some friends that afternoon so he left to go golfing and was gone until about 6. I went shopping, cleaned our house and just bummed around. Chris came home, we watched some TV shows that night and just relaxed. I went to bed pretty early again.

I picked this up for Kirby on Saturday. They're puppy pj's. So cute and he doesn't even mind having them on.
The pj's provided a lot of entertainment for Chris and I over the weekend. Plus, they're fitting - he is the "bad" dog out of the two

I woke up late, still feeling fine and started cleaning the house -again! I got confirmation from my mom that I will be hosting Thanksgiving this year for my family (parents, brother and his family and us) so I have started to do some of the deep cleaning now.

We went in the backyard and laid out some plans for the garden and fire pit area we want back there. Still a work in progress, but I'm happy to hear that I can have a veggie garden next year. Now I need to figure out what I want in it. I spent the rest of the day cleaning and went on an interesting shopping trip. More details later...
Working on a craft project Sunday night. Kirby is my "helper" I told Chris we should see if Santa is hiring!

Overall a great weekend! I hardly feel any discomfort at all with my teeth extraction. Just restricted on what I can eat, which is a bummer at times but overall a lot better than what some people go through.

Hope you have a great week! I'm excited to volunteer at a local charity for work tomorrow - should be a fun day!

Disclaimer: I often post pictures of my dog Kirby, but not many of Oscar. I (we) do not like one of our dogs more than the other. Oscar does not like his picture taken. As soon as I point the camera at him, he turns his face the other direction or buries his face in a blanket or pillow. Kirby looks directly at the camera - even if there is evidence (toilet paper/leaves/grass/ANYTHING) of something on his face. So that is why Kirby gets a lot of blog love around here. 

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