Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's been a while...

So...I'm finally back from my blogcation.

  • I have been busy with wrapping things up from my previous job and starting/training in my new position.
  • Chris's grandpa came up from Florida for 2 weeks and we spent a week's worth of evenings with his family then went to the cabin for the weekend.
  • Throw in a number of birthdays that have passed and are coming up 
  • Amazing weather that does not make we want to sit inside and type on my computer and you get me not blogging for about a month!
Here are some pics from the cabin
The crew fishing Saturday, Oct 1 (Janeal, Brad, Grandpa, Hubs)
Grandpa, me and Hubs
Later that night we went out on the lake the cabin is on. Chris and Kirby - later on Kirby had that hook in him...he's always getting into stuff
Me and Oscar - LOVE my jacket - not stylish but it was super warm for that weekend
Oscar and Kirby were going crazy over that bucket. We put the fish we caught in there and they wouldn't leave it alone
Kirby was obsessed!
Beautiful sunset on the lake. So peaceful up there and so happy that we have the cabin to go to :)

This is what we got up to this weekend - our new project started today
Kirby with a leaf stuck to his beard. I swear there is glue on his beard cuz he's ALWAYS got stuff on his face
We started removing all of the rock - we're going to put in rubber mulch - this will be done in stages all around our house
There were a lot of leaves to rake out of the rocks

Close up of the perennials we planted. We can't wait to see this all filled in next year

This is where we got today. We have some more rocks to remove and we have to put fabric and mulch down.
We also have some bulbs to plant in front of our retaining wall. I've never planted bulbs before, I'm really excited to see them blooming next spring!!

Other than that, the Vikes finally pulled off a win today (YAY)! Minnesotans can be happy again! I went for a walk with both dogs all by myself tonight. I was impressed on how well we did, it's usually a mess and I come back frustrated but tonight was peaceful. The weather is so perfect right now. Winter is going to be rough when it gets here. I'm enjoying every second of this I can.

Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Glad to see you back from blogcation! You'll have to enlighten my on rubber mulch. We've just used regular mulch but maybe rubber is better?! Never heard of it. Have a good night!