Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dear D-Bag iPhone thief,

I hate you! Why do you think it's ok to steal other people's stuff? I'm very thankful that you didn't steal my purse or my baby or something that is far more valuable than my outdated iPhone 4. It was somewhat frustrating to not have an iPhone at first (I'm not even at the 24 hour mark yet), but now I'm down right furious. I don't think you can do anything with my phone - I have locked it down through iCloud and set an alert so if you try to activate it somewhere it should show as stolen (quite honestly, I don't know how all of this stuff works). We don't have a home phone and I really don't feel comfortable driving without some sort of phone with me in case of an emergency. So now, I get to re-activate my old phone the Envy 3...awesome

I'm pretty sure Bailey is feeling the pain of this theft, also. The Envy is "her phone" so now she is without. How will she keep with all her boyfriends...sorry Ashton. You can call her on my phone ;)

So, you won't find me on IG for a little while. No apps for this girl. No internet at my fingertips any time of day. I'm confident that I will survive this, but I'm pretty annoyed about the whole situation. I'm hoping that Apple will announce on Sept 10 that they are releasing a new phone next month and I will then be able to get the iPhone 5 for about $100 instead of $200 (thankfully I'm due for an upgrade). 

You might be wondering how all of this happened? I went to MOA on Friday night with some friends for dinner and then we went to Banana Republic afterwards. I had the stroller with and (stupidly) had my phone sitting in the cupholder. I don't normally shop with a stroller, so I never thought of the danger this might be. I can only think of 2 instances where somebody had the opportunity to steal my phone. One time, I was maybe 2 feet away from the stroller grabbing a skirt off the rack since I couldn't push the stroller down the narrow aisle. I wasn't "not looking" for very long since I had already eyed the skirt over and decided that I had to have it before leaving the store. The other time is when I was checking out, this lady and her child (about 1 and a half years old) were next to me. The little girl kept (annoyingly) pushing Bailey's stroller. I know they were with another lady and she possibly could have stolen my phone when I was trying to pay and trying to keep the little shit angel from pushing Bailey's stroller away. I noticed my phone was gone almost immediately after walking out of the store. One of my friends called it and the call went straight to voicemail. I knew it was stolen right away. We went to the Apple store and they helped me lock down my phone and showed me how I can track it. I can see a general location of where it is (or was at somepoint) but what can I do with this info? One of our friends suggested asking to see video surveillance of the store it was stolen from, but once again - what can I do with that?

Any advice? Anyone had their phone stolen before? In the meantime, I'm throwing an amazing pitty party for myself!

Monday, August 12, 2013

This is what 30 looks like

Last week, yours truly turned the big 3-0. Thirty has definitely lived up to the hype! 

Here's a little recap:

Wednesday, August 7 (my actual birthday). I decided to take my birthday off of work because I wanted to hang with these goofballs

Poor Bailey - so sweet and innocent and surrounded by some crazies

We hit up the MN Zoo since we got a membership in June and hadn't been back since. It was a gorgeous day out and perfect for zoo fun!
I think the guy is much more interested in Bailey than the cow (I can't blame him)

I developed a severe case of baby (monkey) fever. I think Chris has actually banned this portion of the zoo from here on out. They were so.dang.cute. I told Chris that I want to go to school to be a monkey trainer so I can hang out with them all day - I was slightly obsessed


After the zoo, we headed north to Edina so we could get our free lunch. It was over-due and absolutely delicious!

After lunch, we continued further north to Lake Calhoun. I don't know what my obsession is with going to Calhoun for my birthday, but I request it pretty much every year. I love the atmosphere there and we never venture up that way. We walked all the way around and made a pitstop for Bailey to swing and splash her toes in the lake :)


Next we headed back home to freshen up and gather some toys for Bailey to bring to Nana's house. I got a random thought in my head on our way home to get a shooter of a fun flavored vodka and make a little birthday drink for myself before heading to dinner. I've never tried sprinkles on the rim, but it's so easy and fun! I just dipped the glass into a bowl of honey and then into a bowl of sprinkles and left them upside down on a plate for a couple minutes. Pour in the drink and voila - instant birthday drink! They were so fun and the drink was tasty too :)

I'm so lucky to have this guy as my hubby and daddy to Bailey - love him to pieces!
We headed to Nana's house so she could watch Bailey while we went out for a little dinner. We went to Chianti Grill in Burnsville. It was a perfect night for dinner on the patio. I got a birthday drink (something tropical that was delish) and we each got an entree to share. They brought me complimentary creme brulee with a little candle in it :)

The night finished off with a relaxing evening at home with the fam. We walked over 5 miles that day and it was so much fun to spend it with my hubby and Bailey. I'm so happy I took the day off!

Friday, August 9
I was presented with 2 of these awards at work. Each is worth $25 and you get to pick out a gift card from a bunch of different retailers. Still not sure what I'm going to do with mine yet, but it felt like a belated birthday gift!

After work, I headed down to Elko to pick Bailey up from daycare and then went straight back to Edina to meet my parents for dinner. We met at Ruby Tuesday and then got some ice cream in the mall afterwards. My parents brought a long a special gift that my grandma left for me when she passed away 14 years ago. It was very emotional looking at them and thinking back on the days that she was here, but very special to know she wanted me to have these. Not gonna lie, the chances were pretty good considering I'm the only granddaughter on that side ;)

They're so pretty! I wish I didn't have sausage fingers and could actually wear some of them. I may be visiting the jeweler in the near future
On Saturday, we had plans to meet up with some friends for dinner to celebrate my birthday again (geez, get over yourself already). We were meeting them at Carbone's in Lakeville at 5:30. We started getting Bailey in her car seat around 5:05 and while Chris was strapping her in, I went to the driver's side of the car to look for something in her diaper  bag. I was about to go back to the passenger side to get in when I see (what looked like) Chris's mom's car pull up by some trees in our front yard. I see her peaking her head around and then she quickly backed up. I ask Chris if that was his mom's car and he just kind of shrugged so I asked again and ask if something's going on. He goes out in the driveway and waves his mom in. Some friends and family were all pulling up to surprise me. We were supposed to leave and then Chris was going to say he forgot his license and come back to our house, have me run inside to get it for him and everyone would be inside to surprise me. I guess a car just like ours had gone out of the neighborhood so they thought we had left and were coming over to set-up. Chris was pretty bummed the whole thing didn't go as planned, but to be honest I know I would've been super annoyed if we turned around to get his license, which would've made us late to dinner (or so I thought).

The party was so much fun! I hardly took any pics since I didn't even touch my phone pretty much the whole night. Millie brought so much food and wine, which I apparently thought would go bad if I didn't drink all of it - oof!
Me with some of the ladies - really wish I would've taken pics earlier, oops!

My s-i-l made an amazing cake that I want to devour the remainder of that is still in our freezer.

We played my new favorite game that I apparently become very good at when I drink enough :) I was kicking some serious booty that night!

Bailey and Jack were have a blast hanging out in our friends Karl and Amanda's Jeep


Then came Sunday, August 11

Yikes...this was a rough day for me! I spent the first half of it in bed trying to recover from Saturday night's shenanigans. Chris came to check on me around noon (I had been up and moved around a few times before this, but not much) and I told him how I'd been craving a 7-up/Sprite/Sierra Mist so badly but knew I couldn't drive to get one (still puking). He so kindly offered to run to the gas station to get me a soda. Seriously, husband of the year over here! After I got the pop and munched on a few super healthy chips, I was feeling so much better!

The afternoon was spent outside letting Bailey splash around in her little pool. She LOVES the water so much, it's so cute watching her splash around. 

Post-swim baby

Well, that's my little long recap of my birthday. I feel so blessed and loved by my friends and family. It really meant so much to have people come over to celebrate with me! My hubby way out-did himself with everything and surprised me with an amazing gift and a party. The best gift of all is that little peanut up there. I had no clue what an amazing experience being a mother is. I get it now - it is the best feeling in the world. Thank you Bailey Rose for bringing the most joy to my life!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Life Lately...

...has been crazy!

First of all, I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to my fellow MN Bloggers who came to the little get-together I had at my house (practically) a month ago. When I posted it on my blog to see if anyone would be interested, I really didn't know if anyone would respond. I had a lot of fun hanging with you ladies and you brought some amazing food (and games!).

I've been focusing on ME lately. Something I don't do often enough. Maybe it's because I'll be older than dirt in a few days (turning 30 on Wednesday) or maybe it's because I want to look and feel good for our family pics that will be taken in October or maybe it's because I don't want to look back on today 10 or 20 years from now and wonder why I didn't try harder to lose the unwanted weight I'm carrying around. I really hope that I can stick to my current diet/exercise routine that I've been doing for a whole week now (down 4lbs!). I have high hopes in myself and know what my goal is and my deadline.
I've been using the MyFitnessPal app to help track my eating/exercise

Worklife...they hired a new lady to be my boss and she's been there for 2 weeks now. She's very nice and seems very motivated and like she could bring a lot to our department. I'm not sure what I want out of my career right now. I have an eery feeling that there could be a number of people leaving our department in the next few months due to a few lay-offs in our local office. I don't think my job is at risk right now, but could possibly be eliminated in a few years with the consolidating my company is doing. I've been looking outside of my current company, but am feeling very unsure of things. I don't want to lose the amount of PTO I have, if we are planning to have another baby in the next few years - I've now doubled the amount of my short-term disability which would allow me to stay home longer (at 100% pay) with a new baby, I could potentially  get a promotion next year (fingers crossed!) and I like the flexibility that is offered in my current position.

Bailey is growing like crazy! I feel like every week she's doing something new (and adorable) and I know this trend will not stop for a loooong time! I have been making her quite a bit of food the past couple weekends to stock up a little bit. She seems to like all of the things that she's tried so far (besides avocados, which I want to try again soon). I'm already starting to think and plan her 1st birthday party that is 3 months away, but I don't want to feel stressed about it later on :)

One of her new things is throwing toys out of her exersaucer and "peeking" over the edge at them - so cute!
This probably goes along with the fact that I've been running lately (way too much time to think!), but I've come to realize that my "problems" in life are nothing in comparison to what other people are going through/have gone through. I read other people's blogs or hear stories at work or see stuff on Facebook that put my "problems" into perspective. I have a lot to be grateful for!

Yesterday, I accomplished a goal that made me want to do a happy dance but figured I'd probably twist my ankle or something if I attempted a happy dance :) I ran all the way to the top of the big, long hill ,without stopping, when we were on a jog. It took sooo much focus and in my mind I kept comparing it to labor with Bailey (I think it was my focus on breathing). Chris was pushing Bailey, so I'm sure that helped but either way - it was a a pretty big moment for me!

I hope you're all enjoying the little bit of summer we have left - I can't believe it's almost fall!!