Monday, August 5, 2013

Life Lately...

...has been crazy!

First of all, I just want to say a HUGE Thank You to my fellow MN Bloggers who came to the little get-together I had at my house (practically) a month ago. When I posted it on my blog to see if anyone would be interested, I really didn't know if anyone would respond. I had a lot of fun hanging with you ladies and you brought some amazing food (and games!).

I've been focusing on ME lately. Something I don't do often enough. Maybe it's because I'll be older than dirt in a few days (turning 30 on Wednesday) or maybe it's because I want to look and feel good for our family pics that will be taken in October or maybe it's because I don't want to look back on today 10 or 20 years from now and wonder why I didn't try harder to lose the unwanted weight I'm carrying around. I really hope that I can stick to my current diet/exercise routine that I've been doing for a whole week now (down 4lbs!). I have high hopes in myself and know what my goal is and my deadline.
I've been using the MyFitnessPal app to help track my eating/exercise

Worklife...they hired a new lady to be my boss and she's been there for 2 weeks now. She's very nice and seems very motivated and like she could bring a lot to our department. I'm not sure what I want out of my career right now. I have an eery feeling that there could be a number of people leaving our department in the next few months due to a few lay-offs in our local office. I don't think my job is at risk right now, but could possibly be eliminated in a few years with the consolidating my company is doing. I've been looking outside of my current company, but am feeling very unsure of things. I don't want to lose the amount of PTO I have, if we are planning to have another baby in the next few years - I've now doubled the amount of my short-term disability which would allow me to stay home longer (at 100% pay) with a new baby, I could potentially  get a promotion next year (fingers crossed!) and I like the flexibility that is offered in my current position.

Bailey is growing like crazy! I feel like every week she's doing something new (and adorable) and I know this trend will not stop for a loooong time! I have been making her quite a bit of food the past couple weekends to stock up a little bit. She seems to like all of the things that she's tried so far (besides avocados, which I want to try again soon). I'm already starting to think and plan her 1st birthday party that is 3 months away, but I don't want to feel stressed about it later on :)

One of her new things is throwing toys out of her exersaucer and "peeking" over the edge at them - so cute!
This probably goes along with the fact that I've been running lately (way too much time to think!), but I've come to realize that my "problems" in life are nothing in comparison to what other people are going through/have gone through. I read other people's blogs or hear stories at work or see stuff on Facebook that put my "problems" into perspective. I have a lot to be grateful for!

Yesterday, I accomplished a goal that made me want to do a happy dance but figured I'd probably twist my ankle or something if I attempted a happy dance :) I ran all the way to the top of the big, long hill ,without stopping, when we were on a jog. It took sooo much focus and in my mind I kept comparing it to labor with Bailey (I think it was my focus on breathing). Chris was pushing Bailey, so I'm sure that helped but either way - it was a a pretty big moment for me!

I hope you're all enjoying the little bit of summer we have left - I can't believe it's almost fall!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Congrats on the 4 lbs and I'm glad to hear your doing well and focusing on you!! Kudos- that's hard to do as a mommy!!

  2. You've got such a good head on your shoulders, Becky. Good for you on those four pounds. And awesome work on the running. Want to attempt te Monster Dash with a few of us in late Oct?

  3. Good job making it up that hill! I laughed out loud at your comment about not doing the happy dance... I'd probably twist my ankle, too! Have a great day!

  4. Good for you to keep that strong focus on yourself. Way to keep up with the running and making it up that huge hill!! Whoo hoo!!

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

    HOW on earth can Bailey be almost 1 already?

  5. Great job with the your healthy changes! It takes a lot of work, but it sounds like you've got the motivation part down. I hear ya on the work stuff too. It's so hard to know what to do when there are so many factors involved.

  6. YAY for running up the hill! That's awesome!! And Bailey is seriously so cute. Work stuff is always complicated!! I hear ya there!

  7. Keep up the good work!! We can motivate each other I'm also trying to lose the baby weight and get back to being comfortable with myself!!

  8. yay for running that hill! i know...there is way too much time to think when you're running. that's why i try togo with other people! ;) we just found your site via the mn bloggers's so great to find other local blogs!