Monday, October 24, 2011

Too Much HGTV/DIY Network Leads to....

Every Saturday and Sunday morning we tune into HGTV. This is dangerous/knowledgeable because it makes me want to try the things I see. It can also inspire us. We're pretty handy. We finished our basement last winter (not completely on our own). Those pictures would make some good blog posts later...

Anyways, here is what we got up to this weekend. Friday I met up with an old co-worker at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was good to catch up and have some of these

You're supposed to add Champagne, but I didn't think they would do that at Buffalo Wild Wings

After happy hour, I went to help out Chris's mom watching the kids niece and nephew). They were sleeping/on their way to bed by the time I got there...not much help. I provided entrainment/company for my m-i-l. Then Chris was home so we watched a few shows on the DVR and called it a night.

Saturday we slept in and watched HGTV. We went to Olive Garden for lunch to try their new paninis.

Much to our disappointment, they only serve them during the week. We ended up just leaving (NEVER dome that before). Our server was soooo slow for how un-busy they were at 11:15. We didn't want to stick around for crappy service. We went to Burger Jones and got nachos...they were soooo disappointing. Probably one of the worst meals we've had out for a long time :(

That evening when Chris went to work, I started working on a project that's been around for a while. Still not quite done, but here's what I got finished so far.

The beginning of the end table

After I removed the original finish/Mud from when we finished the basement...

After I applied the first coat of stain/sealer. I still have at least 2-3 coats left. I'm happy so far :)

Sunday, slept in again and watched HGTV again. I ran some errands in the morning and then came home and started preparing PF Chang's lettuce wraps. After our not great experience out Saturday, I decided we were staying home on Sunday for lunch. They turned out pretty good, not the same as the restaurant. While I was running errands in the morning, I decided to pick up 2 gallons of paint to start some more projects. Here is one of them:

 Here is the start (sorry I got really excited and forgot to take a pic)
Here is the finish. I LOVE it!

That evening I also started painting our laundry room and the storage room connected to it. Those pictures to come soon!

Today I went to work an HOUR early so that Chris and I could go golfing tonight. It wasn't too difficult to get up earlier and it was really nice to leave at 3 instead of 4.

Here are some pics of him golfing tonight. It was beautiful weather for October 24

Putting it in like a Pro!

I did surprisingly well considering this is my 2nd time out this year:)

A special birthday wish to my niece who turned 1 today. Love you Leah!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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