Friday, March 15, 2013

4 months

How is it possible for you to get cuter You light up our lives so much and we are SO BLESSED to have you. I don't want to think about our lives before you were here. Sure, there may be a vacation to Florida, like we usually do in the late winter/early spring, but that doesn't even compare to the amount of joy that you've brought us in the past 4 months!

Here's what you've been doing this month:
 You started daycare on March 1!
You've done so well, I will probably cry if I ever see an "x" next to grumpy :(

Your daycare lady and her kids absolutely love you! I love picking you up and seeing your smiling face that ensures me you are happy there!
Pics from daycare of you!

You participated in the annual Moss Basket Days! I can't wait to see what we created in a couple of months!

Cambrie, Bailey and Claire!

Mommy finally completed your "baby blanket" for you...we won't discuss how much that cost :S

You and Henry joined Megan and I for an afternoon at Target to pick up some bridal shower gifts. You slept a lot of the trip and when you woke up, you were a smiley little girl:)
Bailey's date: Mr Henry - so cute!

Mommy, daddy and you ventured out to Bonfire for a date night. You were so good and napped for most of it and didn't cry when you were awake...seriously, such a good baby!

Your little monkey friends got haircuts. We went to a new place and are SO IMPRESSED with the friendliness, price and the additional services they offer compared to our usual place!

You got your first (and second...seen in the 4 month photos above) pair of baby legs. I'm obsessed and have pinned a tutorial to make my own cuz you know I will be breaking the bank with that obsession!

Practicing for Easter photos :)

You wake up happy. I wish that I was this happy when I woke up in the morning (soooo not the case!) Daddy is lucky to see that little face when he wakes up 5 days/week....wish it was me!

Hi dad! Let's go play now!

You are so observant these days! You notice when things are "out of place"

Geoffrey the Giraffe is usually on my right side...what's he doing on the other side, hmmm??

You like to help mama in the kitchen and thank goodness for that love to see mama dance and sing (you will have no rhythm and will be tone deaf in the future...but you're laughing now :))

Making a veggie tray!

Other things to note

Height: 24.25"
Weight: 13lbs 3oz
Head: 16.25"
Places you've been: Daycare (although you had visited there before), nana's, the usual stores, a few restaurants
Doctor's Appointments: none this month, you go in next Wednesday for your 4 month appt and will get shots again :(
Daycare: you started March 1. It's going so well, everyone loves you there! When I go to pick you up, Kristin's oldest daughter (12) is always holding you and she can't get enough of you!
Sleeping: Overall this is going well (maybe Chris should fill this one out since he is the one that gets up with you when you don't sleep). When you're on mommy's watch you sleep through the night pushing 11-12 hours! I like this routine :)
Eating: You eat every 3-4 hours and gobble down about 5oz each time
Clothing: Mostly wearing 0-3 and 3 month clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 1 diapers when you wear regular diapers. You are almost always in a cloth diaper now and it's going really well! I'll throw a disposable on if I think you're going to poop soon. We have a pretty good system of washing the cloth diapers too - so I'm really happy with our decision to go cloth and Kristin doesn't seem to mind using them at daycare either!
Things you like: Sophie, your puppies and watching them play, sports on TV, your ceiling fans
Mommy likes: my hair - when down you like to pull it, and you like to watch me put it up in a ponytail too, watching me dance, hearing me sing - daddy took an embarrassing video of me singing to you that he plays to make you smile
Daddy likes: his fake laugh to get you to laugh, his monkey noises, watching sports together, hearing daddy's voice on the phone when he's working

Bailey Bear~
You are amazing, just simply amazing. I stare at your picture collages at work I laugh and smile constantly while looking at them (I think they're starting a special program at work just for me ;)). I know you're in great care with your daddy or Kristin (daycare lady)...although your outfits may not be perfect with daddy - he is trying his best and doing a great job :) I am often told how good of a baby you are and how smiley you are and I've recently come to realize that this is true! We hardly hear a cry out of you, it's usually just babbling, giggling or laughing - please don't stop this - EVER!


  1. What a sweet little girl!! I can't imagine her ever crying - she always seems to have a great big smile on her face.

  2. Her smile is just TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO precious!! I just LOVE it.

    Her baby legs are ADORABLE and the report card?? SO CUTE. Happy 4 months, Bailey!

  3. She is SO CUTE!!! :) Every single picture is a huge smile!!!

  4. She's so sweet. 4 Months is such a great age!

  5. Glad to hear cloth is going well for you guys! And super awesome your daycare lady is doing it too!

  6. aww I love this! she is soooo adorable! I love the report card!!

  7. she is so adorable!!!! That smile is just too much to handle :) That is great that cloth diapering is going great. We plan to do that!!! Fingers crossed it works for us too :)