Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just give in already - pretty, pretty please!

We all know that Ma Nature has pulled off quite a stunt this year. She fooled us! But seriously, can this torture be over with already? I'm ready for green grass, pretty flowers in all shapes and colors and delicious food and beverages on the deck!
In the meantime, here's a little list of things I'm blaming on Ma Nature and her silly shenanigans

-my lack of working out. I would go for jogs with Bailey in the stroller if it were nicer out (I promise!)
Pretty sure these 2 are going to be knocking on my door soon - Is that show still on??
-my poor style. I have like 3 pairs of pants that are comfortable to wear for work. I’m really tired of wearing them since they don’t fit that well (too big) but the size down is too small. I should really workout, but…see above comment
Ok, I really don't look like that when I eat but whatever that is - I want!
-not eating very healthy. I love to grill up fresh veggies, eat salads and lots of fruit – mostly in the spring/summer time on our deck

-my unmotivated self. I’m literally peeling myself out of bed these days. I thought about calling in sick today (which I never, ever do) just because I didn’t want to leave my bed for another 2 hours. This can’t be blamed on Bailey. She is sleeping wonderfully through the night (knocks on wood)
Seriously might just happen one day...not really - I just got pretty new appliances ;)
-my messy house. I like to clean the house in the sunshine with the windows open. We haven’t seen the sun for a while and I’m usually not at home when it’s out so…my house is a disaster!
Bailey is also bored of this weather!
-no blog posts. My days are really not that exciting. I could post about going for walks/runs with Bailey, going to the park, sitting outside on the deck or in the yard, meeting up with friends/family for play dates or just to hang out, planting pretty flowers  – but none of that is happening on the regular due to crappy weather.
That’s right, I’m breaking out the sad kitty eyes – how can you say no to that!
Please mother nature, just let us have nice, warm weather with sun shining in on us! I promise I’ll clean my room every day and make my bed! What? It worked on my mom and grandma when I was younger and wanted something badly!
Yep, that's snow up there in the forecast

And don’t even get me started on the forecast…literally makes me sick to think about it!


  1. Ugh. I agree. Mother Nature is DEFINITELY on my shit list right now. HAHA!

    1. I hear ya, lady! This weather has me down in the dumps! My kids are feeling it, too. They are getting on each others nerves and not listening - and I blame it ALL ON THE WEATHER. We just NEED to get out - walk around, enjoy some sunshine and trips to the park.

      PUUULLLEEEAAASEEE - we're begging you, Mother Nature!

  2. This weather needs to change! 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow? BOO!!

  3. i am SO with you!!! i need to REALLY clean clean my house and love to do this when the windows are open!

    we grilled dinner last night and couldn't stop thinking about fun summer grilling! GO AWAY WINTER!

  4. Hang in there... just a few more... um... weeks? Damn.