Monday, April 15, 2013

5 months

Here's what you've been up to this month:

You got some more shots at your 4 month check-up
Naked baby alert!
You went appliance shopping with mommy and daddy and eventually we bought some!
oooh, mama that one there is so pretty!
You like to take naps with your puppy
naptime buddies
Hanging out at daycare
pretty in pink at daycare
You and mom went shopping and got some great new stuff!
I just can't decide which hat I like better
I just don't know...I'll take them both!
You celebrated your first Easter
I love you Easter Bunny
I'm so crazy, you can't keep me still tonight mama (dress she wore for Easter)
You got a fun new toy from your aunt/uncle/cousins
eeek! so.many.buttons
Nana and Brad came over to hook up the new oven so you showed nana your new toys
Oh hey nana - just showing mom how to run this thing
We were able to squeeze in a few walks before the snow returned - yes, I said snow in April
Out for a stroll on April 4 and then we got several inches of snow :(
We met up with your cousins and nana for dinner and a movie
Hanging with nana and my cousins. Watching Finding Nemo
The stupid snow allowed mama to stay home from work 1 day
Mom I'm so happy you get to stay home from work today!
You became interested in mom and dad's food
What ya eatin there mama?
We went to Psycho Suzie's for a birthday lunch. You were there (in mom's belly) with the MN Bloggers last summer!
Leaving our mark at Psycho Suzie's
Mama fed you some solid foods on April 11
I'm ready!
Nom - that was good!
You can feed yourself a bottle...with some assitance
Look mom, I'm such a big girl!

Other things to note

Height: 25" (guessing)
Weight: 14lbs (guessing)
Head: ?? no clue - will update
Places you've been: Nowhere new this month. Maybe next month we can visit the zoo!
Doctor's Appointments: you went for your 4 month on March 20 and don't go back until 6 months
Daycare: everyone is still happy! You are going 3 days a week and hang out with daddy the other 2. 
Sleeping: you are still sleeping so well through the night. You did your first night in your crib on Friday, April 12 and slept for 6.5 hours without a peep. Saturday night you slept for 9 hours straight - you're unbelievable kid!
Eating: 6oz every 3-4 hours. You had your first round of solids on April 11 and did great! We'll probably feed you rice cereal/formula mix once a day for a while and then start introducing something else soon. 
Clothing: Mostly wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 2 diapers when you wear regular diapers and cloth is still going great!

Things you like: you love watching everything around you, you are so observant! You love to smile and you smile at strangers and that definitely makes them happy :) 
Mommy likes: still very interested in mom's hair and necklaces, when mom sings and dances, when mom makes some cool noises with her mouth
Daddy likes: seeing him when he comes home from work - it is the highlight of everyone's day times a million, watching sports with daddy, hearing daddy's voice on the phone when he's working. He tells you that he loves you and that you're pretty and you smile and hide your face - it is so precious!

Bailey Bear~
I never knew how much fun it would be to have a little baby in our lives. You truly are such a blessing. We love to just watch you and make you giggle and see your reaction to anything that is new (usually met with a smile or giggle). You have such an amazing impact on everyone that you come in contact with. It honestly baffles me how many strangers will come up to us and admire you and tell us how lucky we are. I couldn't agree more. Every day I look forward to seeing you and holding you. Love you Bailey Rose!


  1. How is she 5 months already!?!?! So cute! I love all her expressions that you've captured with pictures.

  2. doesn't seem that long ago that I met your pregnant self at Psycho Suzie's...and now Miss Bailey is 5 months old?? Love that you left your mark on the bathroom chalkboard...haha :)

    She is the smiliest baby I know.

  3. she is so stinking adorable, and expressive! I love it!

  4. Cute cute cute photos!! LOVE them all!! :-D

  5. OK. I don't think it's possible for her to be any happier! She's SO CUTE! :)

  6. She's SO cute and it's really not helping my baby fever :) Does she ever cry or get upset? Seems like she's always smiling! Adorable!

  7. Oh my goodness gracious, could she possibly be any cuter! I can't get over that big grin! She's adorable!

  8. She is soooo cute! Looks like such a happy baby!