Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That Tooth Fairy Lady

or scary guy that appeared when I searched google images for tooth fairy
 Just call me cheap Thrifty Thydean, but when I read comments on a Facebook friend of mine's post, I about died. Here is the question and comments so far. I've deleted out names along with some of the pointless comments. I realize some of these are still not serious answers, but left them in for good measure

Jack has a couple of really loose teeth so I'm wondering, what is the going rate from the 'tooth fairy' these days?
*She's been handing out $2 bills here. :0)
*Minimum of 5 bucks!
* $20 for the first one and $5 after that!
* I did 50 cents for the first one since it was special and 25 cents for the rest
* We did 8 quarters for the 1st one, and 4 for the others...
* The tooth fairy leaves $5 at our house...
* I told Ron I only had a 10.00 when Kacie lost her first one meaning that was to much. He added 2 more and gave her $12.00
* Since kids like quantity, we did the quarters as well. And our tooth fairy was silly (forgetful), they would find quarters in their shoes before school alot. :)
* $1/tooth at our house!
* Xbox 360 or PS3, two controllers and NHL '13
* $2 at our house! :)
* Whatever change you find under the couch cushions ;) Fun times ahead!
* $5
* 2 -dollar coins. Kids love em
* We do between 1 and 5 dollars depending on the tooth. Like when sully had his tooth pulled we gave him 5.
* $5 for the first. $1 for each one after.
* $500 a tooth & you have to give 20% commission to who ever gave you the idea :)
* We weren't sure either. Dawson got $10 - $5 so far....the bills we had in the house played a roll in that. I had also asked him what friends had gotten and it was roughly the same. For the exception of one friend who received $100. Pretty sure I am going to make a loose tooth and stay @ their house ;)
* i got a quarter, talk about inflation ;-)
I think I'm more shocked about the $5, $10, $20 comments (and the $100?? I'm with the commenter, I'll bust out a tooth for that!). I'm not sure what our exact rate will be for Bailey losing teeth, but I'm thinking more along the lines of the quarter method (quantity over value). Also, not sure about giving more for the first tooth. Will she remember what she got for the first and wonder why the others aren't equally important valuable??

Obviously we're not going to be worrying about this for quite a while since Bailey doesn't have any teeth as of yet, but just wondering if you have kids and they've lost teeth what your tooth fairy pays?


  1. OMG! That's so much money! HAHA I totally got a quarter or two!

  2. I got half dollars which I thought were AMAZING because it was such a rare coin. Not sure how much our Tooth Fairy will pay when the time comes... but I do like the idea of the Tooth Fairy receipt (etc!) things floating around Pinterest. Cute :-)

  3. I read this post last night too, and almost died at some of the responses. Boy, there has been some serious inflation in the last 20 years when it comes to tooth prices!

  4. WHAT??? That is crazy. I didn't realize all the inflation that took place since I was a kid and got a quarter a tooth! :)

  5. Is the XBox person serious!?
    This is a whole new thing that I hadn't even given thought to yet. She's got 4 teeth now. I guess they will fall out eventually and I'll have to do something about it. I think I'll hand out the same amount per tooth. Even a billion years ago when I was a kid, my parents paid out pretty well. I think I got like $5-$10? That was in the 80's. There will be no inflation in effect at my house. :)