Friday, February 15, 2013

3 Months Old!

Let me just say that I was able to snap 61 pictures in a matter of about 15 minutes of this little stinker. These are the ones that "made the cut" It wasn't easy to not put all 61 pics on the collage
Bailey Bear you are 3 months old already, how is that even possible?! (this will probably be stated on every single monthly update, please don't get annoyed) This month hasn't been quite as eventful as previous months since there weren't very many holidays/events.

Here's what you've been up to:

You started Daddy Daycare and things seem to be going well for everyone! Mommy misses you guys when she's at work, but is lucky enough to talk to you and daddy a few times a day.

You met up with some blogger buddies again and enjoyed seeing all of the lovely ladies and cute little Miss Lillian

You met a kitty named TJ and I think he liked you

You went to another 1st birthday party this month!
This was my favorite...hey ladies - haha!
baby Jack!
You took a couple of naps in your crib like a big girl!

We swaddled you up like a burrito. You hated this at the hospital, but don't seem to mind it much now

You celebrated your first Valentine's Day and were the cutest little cupid ever

You love to check yourself out in the mirror and mommy loves to look at you and get you to smile (even breaks out some crazy faces just for you)

You got some amazingly cute boots from "auntie" Sarah

You like to coo and talk and giggle and it is the best watching you do all of these.

You mastered the "duckface" pose which is hard to believe since you've never seen me do that before mainly because I don't...

You went to a baby shower for little Henry

You met baby Henry too since he came a couple weeks early, yay Henry!

He was ready for us to hit the road

Hi Henry, I'm Bailey...I can't wait to play with you!
You (and Sophie) came to work with daddy to visit me for Valentine's Day and brought me lunch

Mommy gave you a few baths all on her own. The first time mommy took pictures of you before your bath and you were so happy and then mommy picked you up and realized that you  had been peeing everywhere...that happiness comes from somewhere ;)

Other things to note

Height: 22" just a guess, that's what you were last month

Weight: 12ish pounds 

Head: 15.25" 

Places you've been: Jack's house for his birthday and Henry's house to meet him!

Doctor's Appointments: none this month, you will go next month...and mommy needs to make that appt :)

Daycare: We've got you all set to start with your daycare lady on Monday, March 4 :( She is so incredibly nice and we are happy with her from meeting with her. I know you will be loved so much in her home

Sleeping: You still sleep really well. You've had some really long stretches in there reaching up to 10 hours straight! We are still needing to get you down earlier, that's where you struggle. Luckily it hasn't impacted us too much since daddy doesn't work early in the mornings if he does work during the day at all

Eating: made your way through the stash that mommy had built up very quickly. Since going back to work, my supply went way down and when I pumped I would hardly get anything at all. This was a very difficult thing for mommy to deal with. I was hopeful to make it to 6 months - 1 year on my milk and that's just not going to be happening. I've come to terms and no there isn't anything else I can do about this, I tried everything. You started formula a week ago, boo :(

Clothing: This didn't change too can still squeeze into your newborn onesies, wear mostly 3 month pants, some 3 month onesies that are pretty big on you. 

Diapers: You are wearing size 1 diapers.  We have transitioned into cloth diapers for most of the day/night but will put you in a regular diaper sometimes too. 

Things you like: watching your puppies play, your Sophie giraffe, your musical puppy, watching basketball and football with daddy, when mommy and daddy dance and sing for you, listening to music, Fran and Stan the Fans are your go-to smile makers, going on car rides and shopping in the stores, waking up in the morning and seeing mommy and daddy puts smiles on all of our faces, sitting in your bumbo watching us in the kitchen, looking outside, when mommy and daddy tell you that you're pretty

Bailey~ you are our precious little peanut. Mommy and daddy love sharing our fun experiences we both have with you each day. Every night when you go to sleep we talk about the thousands of cute things you did during the day. You make us both tear up because we just can't get over how perfect you are for our family. I will never know what we did to deserve such a blessing, but will forever be thankful for having you in our lives! Love, Mommy and Daddy


  1. She is so smiley, I love it! I know it's easier said than done, but try not to beat yourself up over the breast feeding thing. I had a horrible experience and only made it 2 weeks. You should be proud of any length of time that you do it :) (I try to take my own advice - haha)

  2. Hey girly! Can't believe B is three months already.

    I had the same problem with my milk supply when I went back to work. Don't beat yourself up about it. A full baby is a happy & healthy baby and THAT is all that matters.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy 3 months!! She is so adorable!!