Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Definition of a 'Chris Look'

I tease my husband A LOT  every now and then about different stuff (age, 'Chris looks', silliness - he loves it, I know he does). One of our favorites, which has also been adopted by his sister, is the 'Chris look'.

Many times my husband will be looking for stuff and will state that he's searched everywhere and just can't find _____.
My response is usually "Did you do a Chris look?"
Chris "No, I really checked everywhere and I can't find it."
Me "Do you want me to try to look for it?" (giving him another opportunity to find said item)
Chris "Yeah, go for it. I looked everywhere. I have no idea where it is. "
 10 seconds to a minute later

Me "Found it"
Chris "Where?!? I swear I looked everywhere!"
Me "Oh, just found it _____" (shaking head and pointing to a non-hidden or unusual place to find the item)
Both of us "Oh CT, what are we gonna do with you" (shaking our heads and chuckling)

Case in point. I was sitting down to have my lunch a few minutes ago and get a phone call from Chris. He wants to know where our address book is so he can give his dad a friend of ours' address (side bar - they delivered a healthy baby boy (Jack James) early this morning. We could not be more happy for them! Truly a blessing!). Our address book is typically stored in the 2nd drawer of the desk in our kitchen. We don't use it a ton, except to send out Christmas cards - otherwise it doesn't really move. He is aware of this spot.

Chris "I looked all over the place, do you know where it is?"
Me "Well, did you check the desk drawer? That's where it usually is."
Chris "Yeah, I looked there and I didn't see it." (checking desk drawer as he's saying this)
   a few seconds pass
Chris "Oh, I guess I didn't pull the drawer out far enough..."
Chris "Thanks hun!"
Me "No problem, love you!" (secretly plotting my next blog post)

Happy Thursday! We leave for Florida in less than 2 days, can't wait!!


  1. Hah!! This is too funny :-) Greg does this too where he'll ask a question aloud... and I just wait for him to fill in the answer because he KNOWS it anyway without having to ask in the first place ;-)

  2. This has to be a guy thing. Josh does this to and can't ever find anyting in the fridge doors. Boys!

  3. Ha, I thought Josh originally coined the term for CT! I think he may have inherited it from his mother because she is guilty of a Chris Look every once in awhile. SO happy about baby Jack!!