Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Reasons to Smile

Here are just a few things putting a smile on my face today

My new kicks I got. Hoping this will cure my lack of exercise issue I have going on...
This adorable iPhone cover I found at Kirklands for like $11! In LOVE!
Also to get the exercise program rolling, I got some headphones. My old ones burned out and I just can't do ear buds. I think my ears are oddly shaped or something. Either the buds fall out or they hurt my ears. I have to have the ones that go around my ears.
The beautiful tulips that are growing like crazy. This is our first attempt at bulbs (planted last fall) and I'm addicted. So easy and very low maintenance. My kind of flower!
Our spunky monkeys hanging out in the yard tonight. I love when we can hang out and enjoy the weather!
These 2 birds make quite a few appearances on our deck. They were laying in the bed of flowers all day on Sunday. I would hang out in a bed of flowers if I could, too!

My husband's business has been doing awesome this spring! Makes me happy and proud of him!

Jermaine winning the Voice last night! Me and the hubs were soooo happy! This is our first time watching a singing show like this and we really enjoyed it. There were a couple others (Jamar and Jesse) that got voted off earlier than we would have liked. Not going to miss Xtina - boobs and attitude every week got really old!

The sun showing it's face again the past couple of days

The amazing Kelly setting up a new blog for my fellow MN bloggers. I can't believe how quickly she got this thing set-up! If you're a MN blogger, go ahead and join the site!

And last but not least, the fact that it's Wednesday which means tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday! Thank goodness!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOVE your new Asaics!! I love mine. It is ridiculously crazy how well I can run in them compared to my other sneaks. LOVE the tulips too!! And thanks so much for blogging about the MN blog! Happy Friday Eve, Becky :-)