Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Thydean's 3d/4d Ultrasound Appt #1

Last night we went and had our first 3d/4d ultrasound appointment! We went to Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography in Bloomington, MN. The staff was so nice and friendly. One of the best parts of this ultrasound is that I did NOT have to have a full bladder to get quality pics. If you've had ultrasounds done and know that you have to drink like 32oz of water within an hour of your appointment - you know how much of a relief this is. The ultrasound room is nice and big and I got to lay on a huge (like full/queen size) bed that is extremely comfortable. The back adjusted up and down so I could easily see the 13' projector screen in front of me. There is a chair next to the bed for the hubby to sit in. There is also a couch and some other chairs so if you have family/friends with they can be comfy too! We will have some of our family with next time so it's nice to know they will be sitting comfortably.

We probably had about 35-40 minutes of full ultrasound time with our baby girl (yep, confirmed it's still a girl!). We got 27 pictures of her and he printed out 7-8 of the really good pics. We also got a cd with all of the pics on it so we can upload them on any site, email to friends, make more copies - pretty cool and a DVD with the pics set to music (haven't checked that out yet)! He explained so much to us on what was going on in there and checked out all of the vitals and explained lots of stuff to us. He also said that I have posterior placenta which explains why I have been feeling the baby moving so much! I don't mind now, but down the line that movement could get really painful/annoying, haha!

Anyways, lets get onto the fun stuff and what you all want to see...the pics!
She looks so happy

Cute little legs and arms - looks like mama needs to eat more ;)

This is Chris's favorite picture

Looks like she's taking a little nap

So sweet and innocent

I can't hear you - This is my favorite picture

I'm hungry, when's dinner?

This was such a fun experience for us and I'm already counting down the days until our next appointment. We should get more definition in the pics by then since the baby will be more plump. Before we left we got a ton of stuff to take home with us. There are a couple different small coolers with reusable ice packs in them for bottles, a diaper/wipes travel holder, formula samples, bottles, nipples, tons of coupons for diapers/wipes/laundry detergent/birth annoucements/photobooks/carseat covers/formula, books on nursing and what parents need to know. Obviously all of this is given to them to distribute to their customers on the company's behalf, but Chris and I LOVE anything free! Plus the tote and it's matching bags are pretty cute :)

The bag of stuff and the diaper caddy/orgainzer

What's inside!
If you have any questions on my experience, feel free to ask! I'm not being compensated nor was I asked to do a review of this company. This is completely my opinion and I just wanted to share my experience in case anyone may be interested in getting an ultrasound done there.

After our appointment, we headed downtown and got dinner at The Melting Pot. Chris got to indulge in our 2 drinks that were included with our dinner, so he upgraded to Long Island Teas instead of wine. I was pretty jealous!! The food was amazing and we skipped dessert since we were so full. The waitress nicely brought us out a free slice of cheesecake for us to split.
Waiting for the cheese to melt, don't mind my crazy eyes - I need to touch them up a little!
We got home and talked about how much fun our evening was, chowed down some of the chocolates Chris got me for my b-day and I stayed up until 11. I'm pretty tired's gonna be a long one!


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!! The photos are just simply adorable. Happy for you guys!!

  2. OMG what a freaking cutie already! I am so glad you had such an awesome experience! I have my ultrasound tomorrow! So excited! I will share! ((:

  3. This makes me really excited for our ultrasound on Friday! She looks adorable - I'm glad you had such an awesome birthday!

  4. Baby girl is SO cute. I never did those ultra sounds, so it's fun to see other peoples :)

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