Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yes, I still exist

Hey friends,
Sorry for the never-ending absence from this place I call my blog. First I blamed my never-ending duties at work, then I blamed prepping for Bailey's 1st birthday, then it was Thanksgiving and after that we celebrate about a billion things in December (birthdays, anniversary and that one thing they call Christmas) and right after that is month-end/year-end which is a crazy busy time in my career. Mix in a little bit of big-time managers leaving the dept at work and you've got what I call hella-chaos. Also, in the mess of all of this we booked a flight to Florida because I was about to lose my mind if I didn't escape from this frozen tundra we live in - Minnesota.

So, here I am. I hope to get better about keeping everything updated because I love the friendships that I've formed with fellow bloggers. I've been reading your blogs, just have been very very bad about commenting. I usually read from my phone and I'm too lazy to type out the comment on my phone - sorry!

Since I've been such a horrible blogger, I'm opening up the board to anyone that might still actually read this blog or maybe I have new readers. I've seen this around some of my fellow bloggers lately - Is there anything you want to know about me? Any loose ends I can tie up for you that you've always wanted to know? Just leave a comment and if anyone responds to this, I'll do a post :)

Now, I'm planning to get some posts written in my drafts while the babe is still napping. I sure do love my little peanut (Bailey, for anyone new around here).


  1. Hi Becky...I'm like you, feel utter chaos and don't have time to blog! I would like to know if you and the hubby talk about baby #2 at all? How did you guys meet?

  2. hiiiiiii i am still here and YES... have really fallen behind on blogging myself. I would like to know what your perfect date night would be with your hubby? AND what your perfect mommy daughter day would be now and in the future when she's a teenager? thats THREE questions! :)