Monday, July 25, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist

Since my birthday will be here in a couple of weeks (August 7 I turn the big 2-8 *gasp*), I thought I would make a wishlist for myself (or others who are looking for ideas for me...)

A cover for my Kindle (it's currently naked) would be great. I like the fun designs, although I'm trying to keep it somewhat gender neutral since Chris sometimes uses the Kindle - not sure I hit the mark with this one!

Amazon Books Gift Cards
Speaking of Kindles - a gift card to would be a great idea, too! I'm downloading about a book/month, which isn't a ton of money but I would feel less bad about wanting to read :)
I also wouldn't mind a new case for my Iphone. I have a fuschia colored one right now, that's just ok - nothing special. Would like to have a fancier one!

This area rug from Home Depot (or a gift card to Home Depot to buy the rug). I bought the runner this past weekend to go in our front entry way (LOVE it) and want to get the matching area rug for our living room. I hate our carpet in the living room, but don't see us replacing it for a while so I'm hoping this will make it better for me.

Mohawk Home
Zayden Multi 5 ft. x 8 ft. Area Rug $117.00

And of course, gift cards (to other stores) are always more than welcome!

Happy Monday! I think this week is going to go by very quickly!

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  1. LOVE the iPhone and kindle covers!! Though I dont think my husband would be thrilled about the colorful cover either ;-) Hope you end up getting something fabulous!!