Monday, December 5, 2011


Holy buckets time is flying by! Feeling a little stressed about the 5 birthdays (hubs, b-i-l, Oscar, s-i-l and dad) in December, our wedding anniversary (tomorrow - Happy 2 year anniversary sweetie) and Christmas! Not to mention a few holiday parties, get-togethers and a few added items to my workload at my job. So since I don't have a ton of time on my hands, I figured I'd share a few amazing recipes I have found on pinterest and have tried out.

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We had these for dinner tonight and they were so delicious. I used chicken instead of pork chops (cuz that's what we had and we don't eat too much pork). The sauce alone is to die for. Chris told me to "dog ear" the recipe. LOL!

parmesan knots 1 450
I made these for Thanksgiving and got many compliments on them! I used crescent rolls instead of biscuits since I had bought them ahead of time (before pinning it). They turned out great! I did not roll them in knots, just made them look like crescent rolls.

I made these last night. So tasty! I am still in shock that it's just bananas and ice cream. Chris and I shared one tonight after dessert. He ate more than I did and he's not one for sweets! I halved the recipe since that's all I had on hand, but I could see myself making more of these. They are only 140 calories, pretty good in my book! 

Last Saturday was Chris's (age purposely deleted) birthday.
Enjoying his free mug (seriously, any drink you want in there - I've had a Long Island) at the Valley Bar in Eagan. Hole in the wall bar, but such a great deal for  your birthday! And they give you a mug to take with you ;)

We went out to lunch with his dad at Bonfire (so yummy) and then came back to the house to rest from our food coma. Then we went to Best Buy to get a tripod for our new camera (oh yeah, we bought a DSLR - so excited to figure it all out!!). We have met the most interesting people at our local store. We bought our Mac from the store in August and had a girl (mid 20's) helping us out. She was super nice and had just started out there. We've been in the store a few times since we bought our computer and never fail, she's always there and always comes up to us and remembers BOTH of our names. We both find it shocking/creepy she remembers our names. Of course on Saturday creeper nice saleslady sees us and comes over to check on us and remembers our names. Wasn't much help to us in the camera dept, but just had to stalk check in with us, I guess. After we got home, I made Chris get dressed up for our Christmas Card photo shoot. I thought it would go soooo much better than it did, haha! Either way, we got a picture for our card and I have them ordered. Can't wait to get them and send those suckers out! Saturday night, we met up with some friends at Ansari's in Eagan, Kind of a crazy night, but I think we left before the worst of it :)

Sunday, I don't think I could get enough sleep. It felt so nice to sleep in. The hubs ended up going in to work and I made may way to the neighboring cities for some Christmas shopping. Finally got some stuff checked off my list, still a LOT to go.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to spending the evening with my love and celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary. I'm also excited that we were able to book tickets to go to Florida and visit his amazing family in February. The next 2 months are going to go by sooo fast. I can't wait!

December 6, 2009 Captiva Island, Florida

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  1. I've made those Parmesan knots before and LOVE them!! Nutella ice cream sounds SOOOO delicious!! I love Bonfire too :-) Happy 2 years!!