Monday, July 23, 2012

A Pinterest Filled Weekend

This past weekend, I decided to tackle some of the projects that I had pinned and have been wanting to get done. Some stuff I already had, some stuff I had the ideas in my head of what I wanted to do - just no time!

Here's what I got up to:
Homemade Laundry Detergent - recipe found here I was way more excited than one should be to make laundry detergent. I spent about $30 to get all of the supplies - including a cute glass jar to put the detergent in (that was $10). The jar pictured is not mine, I don't have my lettering on mine yet! It was pretty easy to do and should last us about 9 months or so!

Christmas Card Books - Instructions found here So apparently, I we have a problem called hoarding. I We do not like to throw away cards/announcements/thank's kind of ridiculous. If you have given or sent either of us a card in the last 6 years we seriously probably still have it - I'm not joking.

My completed Christmas 2011 book
While doing this project, I discovered how obsessed in love I was with Chris when we first met. I would write cute little notes and cards to him. Gave him cards every monthly anniversary and such. That slowly drifted into just the essential dates...annual anniversary, birthday, fur baby Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas. It's fun to look back at the stuff I would say. I'm pretty shocked that he actually asked me to marry him after all of that :)
Pile of cards that I gave Chris over the years
Some of the other books I did. I decided that Chris's cards I gave him are better off in a box since there are soooo many!
Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses - instructions found here The chalkboard paint part was done in April for my m-i-l's  birthday gift. I needed to decorate the upper glass part. I haven't technically given these to her yet - her birthday was in May, but I did tell her that she's getting another grandchild on her birthday so I thought the wait could be worth it :) I also told Chris that a steady stream of birthday gifts may not be such a bad thing either. It's a surprise that you don't know you're getting until it's here!
Finished glasses
With the erasable chalk writing
The glass says "It's my birthday and I'll wine if I want to"
Photo to Canvas - Instructions found here This project was super easy and low cost. I made 5 canvas prints for our bathroom for $30 and I still have 4 large canvases left over for future projects. I got the canvases at Michaels which happened to be on sale and I had a 25% off everything coupon. I printed my pics at Costco for an incredibly cheap price. I already had modge podge and paint for the edges. I love this project and will be doing some more for the baby's room!
Some of the pics and canvases (2 8x10 prints)
2 5x7 prints
Apply modge podge on top of pics

Finally a use for my old accounting books that I've been hoarding holding on to for future use

 pic from our last trip to Captiva
 pic from our honeymoon, lovely sunset on the beach
 Costco had pics that you can print from their website. This is in Death Valley - this pics may get changed in the future. The great thing about this project is that you can update photos by just applying new pics over old ones!
 Fish in the aquarium in Chicago from last summer. How hilarious looking are these guys?! They have a huge bump on their forehead and their profile is so human like
My favorite and biggest print - sunset from our honeymoon. The pic is beautiful and serene. Will be very relaxing while I'm laying in the tub dreaming of Captiva!

One piece of advice I can give from doing this project is to see what size canvases you can purchase before ordering your prints. I had a little issue with finding the correct size canvas after I ordered the prints and had to re-order the large print. It was only a $6 mistake but could've been avoided.

We also tended to our much over-grown garden and put up a fence to keep woodchucks out! One got in a couple weeks ago and ate up all my lettuce and half of my broccoli plants. Oscar didn't like the woodchuck either!

I'm excited to meet up with some of the MN Blogger girls tomorrow night! I hope to see you there!


  1. I'm so jealous of all your projects! They all came out so cute! Looking forward to meeting you tonight! :)

  2. AWESOME job on all of the pinterest crafts!! I love the wine glasses, too cute :-) Excited for tonight!!

  3. Fun!! I love all the projects you did! I made a card book like that with all of our wedding cards. And I really love the canvas!! Good to know it actually works!