Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Girl Got Moves

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day in the life of a pregnant lady!

Last night while eating dinner I told Chris that I was pretty sure that on Sunday night when I was reading in bed the baby kicked. The baby {supposedly} kicked so hard that the iPad resting on my tummy lifted up on one side. I was shocked and thought I must be going crazy(er). I put the iPad down and rested my hand on my tummy to feel another kick, but didn't feel anything and figured I was either imagining things or extremely tired and should sleep. So off to sleep I went.

Well, my craziness was put at ease last night. Chris and I were watching America's Got Talent and I started feeling some movement again. I put my hand on my tummy and I could feel the baby kicking me. I immediately told Chris and made him put his hand there. She must've gotten shy and wouldn't kick for him so he took his hand away. I put my hand back and shortly after she was kicking away again. I put Chris's hand back and we had so much fun feeling her kicking and dancing away in there.

Chris was supposed to work last night and ended up finding someone to work for him since he worked during the day and has plenty of work lined up the rest of this week. I am so happy and thankful that he was home.

Yesterday was also exciting because I scheduled two 3d/4d ultrasound appointments. In June, I asked Chris if we could look into getting one done and just check out the cost. I was extremely excited to find an office in Bloomington, MN that does great work and at reasonable prices (in my opinion). Here is the website if you live in the Twin Cities and are interested in checking them out. I called and spoke to one of the owners who is also the guy that will be performing the ultrasounds. He was extremely nice and answered all of my questions and concerns. The business is family-owned and seems to be a great place to go with state of the art equipment. Our first appointment is on my birthday, August 7. I can't imagine a better way to spend my birthday :) The second appointment is on Sept 7. We'll get lots of pictures and a DVD of each appointment. I'm so excited to see our little baby soon! I'll do a post after our first appointment to let you know how our experience was in case you are considering going there.

On Thursday we're leaving to go to Minot, ND (my hometown) for the weekend. I'm really not looking forward to the 8+ hour car ride (hey Kelly, can we borrow Greg to fly us over there, haha) but I am looking forward to seeing my family and spending some time with my niece and nephews!

If I don't post before then, I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Yay! Feeling the baby move is so fun and I think it makes everything feel a bit more real!

    Have fun in the magic city!!

  2. Such a sweet moment! It starts off so innocent and then they start having full out dance parties in there. haha!

  3. Aww, how exciting!! I can only imagine how special that feeling of your little girl moving must be!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!