Friday, January 13, 2012

Spin Class and a Dress?!?

What a week!

On Tuesday morning I got up at 5 a.m. to attend a 5:45 spin class. This was my 2nd spin class ever (the first was last Sunday and it was amazing). I got dressed and finished getting the rest of my stuff packed up since I would be getting ready for work at the gym (never done that before). What did I have packed to wear? A dress! I have never worn a dress to work in my life (I rarely wear dresses or skirts in every day life, let alone to work). I told Chris this is the beginning of crazy day if this is how it's starting out :)

I was accompanied by 5 other people, quite the interesting group of people. It was a different instructor than I had on Sunday and I didn't enjoy it as much as Sunday's class. At one point we were listening to a really slow song and I wanted to yell for her to change it before I fell asleep, but I resisted. I made it to work relatively on time. They're pretty lenient where I work so no biggie. I felt fine Tuesday night and then Wednesday came and hit me like a bus. I was sooo tired and exhausted that I asked my boss if I could take a couple hours of PTO on Wednesday and Friday (this week was going to be rough no matter what, haven't worked 5 days for a few weeks now).  So I survived it at all, but it wasn't easy!

In other news...I received this on Monday.
My new DSLR camera case - I'm so in love with it!

Sorry, I truly do suck at taking pics of myself in the mirror - maybe some day I will look good doing it :)

The inside has a padded separator thing to keep my lenses and body all separate and protected

I used my Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas to buy it (thanks to those of you that read this and gave me a gift card ;)). I didn't want the basic camera bag that everyone carries and this should do the trick for now. I don't have a ton of photography stuff so I don't need a huge bag and I love the material and color of this.

We don't have a ton planned for this weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to 2 classes in the morning (spin and Zumba), my parents are coming down for lunch and so I can show my dad how to use his iPod touch we got him for Christmas and tomorrow night we're going with some friends to The Melting Pot - YUM! Our favorite restaurant!

Sunday will probably not lead to a lot. I will probably attend another class or two and do some shopping. Monday - I'm not looking forward to. I have to start getting all of the business tax stuff together since our appointment is the 30th. I so dread this every year and every year I say I'm going to be more prepared so I'm not doing it all at once...still no lesson has been learned, oh well! At least we're going to Florida in 3 weeks from tomorrow, YAY!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Check in Monday for another Makeover Monday! This time we're moving it inside the house. 

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