Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 30...a week late

I got some new clothes 9/8 and this is my favorite outfit - very fall looking
 How far along? 30W 7D (at time picture was taken)
Size of Baby? Cabbage (15.7 in 2.75lbs)
Maternity clothes? Still mostly maternity, but I do try to force some non-maternity stuff still

Weight Gain? 16 pounds!

 Sleep: Our bed is a fort these days...pillows and blankets are EVERYWHERE!

Best moment this week:  At the time I was 30 weeks preggers ie, last week - best moments were just having 3d/4d ultrasound done, seeing Chris's family a ton and going to the doctor for a routine check-up

Miss Anything? Eating turkey and my energy. I used to read other people's posts about missing turkey and thought it sounded I get it. I just want a freakin sandwich (with turkey)!

Movement: Baby Girl is still gettin' down in there and having lots of hiccups - like a few times a day

Food cravings: Cereal with milk, lots of sweets and fall food (soup, pasta, hearty breads, mac n cheese)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still nothing


Labor Signs: None yet

Symptoms: Nothing really, just normal pregnancy stuff as far as I'm concerned

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but can look extremely weird sometimes. I think it's about to pop soon!

Mood: Crazy, worried (more on that later), happy, little stressed


  1. What day are you due? I think we are REALLY close to each other! I am due on 11/16 and omg I am so so ready! I am craving cold cereal with milk too and I hate hate bedtime I can't get comfortable EVER! Hang in there you are looking fantastic!!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm due 11/18 so, yes, very close to the same date :)

      Hope you're doing well, only a little while longer :)

  2. Ah, the turkey issue. It's funny because some doctors are strict about it and some don't even mention it. Mine didn't mention it, so I asked her and she said "it's fine to eat turkey from reputable grocery store/restaurants, but if you don't wanna worry AT ALL, make yourself a turkey in the oven and slice it up."

  3. aw cute bump! youre making me miss mine