Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What the hey have I been up to?!

So, almost a month since my last post...time is flying by quickly these days! Between training new people at work, getting things ready for baby and a few trips to the cabin...this girl has been busy and exhausted! 

Here's a small recap of what I've been up to:
Painting the nursery and getting stuff put together. Finally dropped the fabric off to the lady that's sewing it. Should get the finished product back in a couple weeks (I really hope!)

It actually looks different now than it does in these pics - the cubes aren't there anymore and we bought a rocker that isn't in these pics - final pics to come once bedding is back and pics are hanging on the wall

August 18 we headed up to the cabin all by ourselves - just us and the pups. First time and definitely not the last time we're doing that. It was relaxing and just what we both needed 

Oscar strapped into this car seat - not really! I saw this online one day and thought it was hilarious (looks just like Osci)

We hauled the raft out into the middle of the lake and tied it to the pontoon. Us and the pups laid out here for about 2-3 hours talking and enjoying ourselves in the perfect weather!
Back at home: 
My first curbside trash pick-up. I found this sitting on the curb at the end of our street. I've never stopped for anything before, but I thought once this is refinished it would be perfect for Baby Thydean

I still have to put another coat of white paint on it, but It's looking great so far. I'm planning to put her name on the upper back wood slat. 

Chris's dad surprised us by getting our stroller/car seat for us. I'm pretty excited to have that here and ready to go. 

Of course Oscar and Kirby were begging to take a ride in the stroller once it was put together

Labor Day weekend we headed back up to the cabin. There were less people there than usual since some of the family couldn't make it. It was sad the kiddos didn't have the other kids to play with, but it was still lots of fun!

Oscar loves to give Kirby (and every living being) lots of kisses

Kirby made himself comfortable in the sand

I also decided to volunteer as a member of the planning committee for a huge fundraiser we do at work every September.

Next week we have events going on every day and lots of really fun stuff planned. I didn't put myself out there too much since I didn't know how much time commitment was involved, but I did have a month full of meetings for planning and I coordinated for my department and another once to donate 2 silent auction baskets. I think they turned out great and am happy that I could get these put together for our teams. 

Chocolate Lovers Basket. I got to spend $70 at a chocolate factory in Burnsville last Friday. I think it might be a bad thing this place is so close now that I know what's all inside. Yummy!!

Wine and Cheese basket. See those cute glasses? Hand painted by yours truly thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest

Things I'm looking forward to coming up:
-Chris's grandpa and aunt will be arriving from Florida tomorrow. We have lots of stuff planned with them for the next few days
-Friday is Baby Thydean's 2nd 3d/4d ultrasound. There will be lots of family there with us to see our little girl moving around on the big screen. Can't wait!!
-MN Blogger meet up is scheduled for Sept 18...I really hope I can make it! Haven't committed to it yet
-My first baby shower is just a couple weeks away. I can't wait to celebrate with friends!
-Hopefully sometime this month we can find out the gender of our friends' baby. We just found out they're expecting in February and I'm sooooo happy for them!! I'm pulling for a girl so our little ones can hang out together :)
-We have a breastfeeding/newborn care class scheduled 9/22
-Shopping for fall maternity clothes with Millie (m-i-l, per her request this is what I call her now:)), s-i-l (silly?) and my niece on 9/22
-My s-i-l agreed to take some maternity photos for us. It should be interesting...I'm not doubting her abilities, I'm doubting Chris and I. My favorite quote from Chris last year when taking pics for our Christmas card "It feels weird when I smile." Good Luck Whit!!


  1. The nursery is looking awesome!! Isn't it so crazy to see all of your hardwok coming together? AND... OMG!! Your yorkies! I'm in love! I hope you are feeling well and that everything is going good with you and baby!

  2. You have been busy! I love the nursery. Such great colors you picked. You have so much fun stuff to look forward to. How many weeks are you now?