Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a lot of fun! Thursday night we went over to Millie's house to see Chris's grandpa and aunt who just arrived from Florida for a week and a half. It was so good to welcome them back to MN and visit with the family.

Friday night we got new 3d/4d ultrasound pics done. We had Chris's dad, mom, grandpa, aunt, sister and our niece and nephew join us for our appointment. My parents were supposed to come too, but they left for Florida Saturday morning and had some stuff to get done before they left. I was kind of bummed, but we had lots of family there to share the fun experience with us. I'll do a separate post with the pics, but I'll leave you with my all time favorite picture of our little baby girl.

pouty face Thydean, this will crack me up forever

After our appointment, we had everyone over to our place for pizza, salad and cupcakes. We all got to visit and play with the kiddos. Grandpa snuck 3 cupcakes, he has a little bit of a sweet tooth...can't blame him! My s-i-l got us this book.

Chris and I read it after everyone left and were laughing so hard...can't wait for sleepless nights :)

Saturday the guys all went to play golf and were gone for most of the afternoon. I got to go shopping and get myself some new clothes and a few Christmas presents for family. Then I headed over to my sister-in-law's house (a block away, so nice!) for a feast of all feasts. We were celebrating grandpa's 88th birthday! We ALWAYS have way more food than we need and this was no exception. There were crab legs, shrimp, chicken, salad, bread, baked potatoes, spanish rice, and amazing ice cream dessert. At one point there were 6 sticks of butter on the table for 8 adults. I indulged and later had a huge tummy ache from everything, but it was so worth it! Here are some pics my s-i-l took to recap the night.
See the middle pic, that's us with most of the food

Chris's grandpa is such an amazing guy. He is an inspiration for everyone in his family. So humble and kind. He started tearing up a few times while opening cards from his family. It was so sweet and you can just tell that he is grateful for everything he has in his life and doesn't take things for granted. Something we can all learn from!

Sunday morning we both slept in a little bit (finally!) and then did a little bit of work around the house. I had a huge list of stuff to get done, but only got about half of it accomplished - oh well! We went to a local park and brought the pups with. In a couple weeks my s-i-l will take a few maternity pics for us. I think I have a pretty good spot, hopefully the leaves will change a little by then. 
Neither of the dogs would look at typical!

After Chris left for work, I finished up some laundry and added a little wall decor to the nursery. I love elephants and thought this would be cute for hanging some mementos. Plus, I get to re-use the board from the gender reveal party - score!
Now, I have a date with the bathtub, my Kindle and hopefully some TLC for my little tootsies - definitely over due!

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