Saturday, December 15, 2012

1 month

Today Bailey is 1 month old - holy buckets! I can't believe it. 

Here is what she's been up to:
Day 1 - stole our hearts
 Thanksgiving, met lots of cousins and were the cutest little turkey around
 You've had a few baths at home. 1st one you weren't too happy
 2nd bath you were happy as a clam - didn't cry once!
3rd one you did good and we even tried out your new bath tub instead of the kitchen sink (pics are all from the 1st bath)

Got your newborn pics taken - mommy and daddy are obsessed with them (and you)

Did your first round of Christmas baking with these crazies. Yes, you're related to some of them ;) and I was still trying to figure out my goofy face when this was taken...must figure out the "go to" goofy face
Celebrated daddy's 34th birthday (he will probably not be happy that this is noted on the blog)

Went to your first MN Blogger get-together at MOA (also 1st trip to MOA or any mall)

Met Santa (and stole his heart)
Discovered your favorite thing - the ceiling fan. Thank goodness there is one in every bedroom  and the living room
You like to smile now and that melts mommy and daddy to pieces
You also like to make silly faces like this one and it makes us laugh
Your brothers think you're pretty great too and they may think you're made of peanut butter since that was used in the making of this photo...we'll just go with they really love you!
Other things to note

Places you've been: lots of different stores (running errands with mommy), mommy's work to meet co-workers (6 days old!), daddy's work to have lunch with him, a couple of restaurants, MOA, grandma & grandpa's houses

Doctor's Appointments: 1st was Nov 19 to check up on you and your jaundice (you passed, yay!). They also took a whole vile of blood from your little foot and you didn't even flinch. When mommy took your band-aid off later that night you started whimpering. I thought you were pretty silly! The 2nd appt was Nov 26 for your first newborn check. Your weight at the 2nd one was back to your birth weight, but now I think you weigh about 9 lbs and you've definitely grown in the height dept. You don't go back now until you're 2 months old

Sleeping: You slept like a champ after you were here for a few nights. I would wake up about every 2-3 hours (sometimes 4-5 hours!) to feed you. Then a couple of nights ago you had a 3 night stretch of not very good sleeping. Mommy made you stay awake so much yesterday and you slept great last night. I think you need to be awake more during the day to make our nights better.

Eating: You're doing so, so good! You eat about every 3 hours and we don't have any problems with "the latch" like we did at the hospital. Makes mommy so happy!

Clothing: You are still wearing newborn clothing. Not gonna lie, I really thought you would outgrow those clothes by now  but I don't mind you being my little peanut still :)

Things you like: the ceiling fan(s), lights, mommy's hair, mommy's necklace, when mommy and daddy talk to you, your brothers and their kisses (this will probably change), holding daddy's finger, snuggling on daddy's shoulder (he LOVES this), car rides but not when we have to stop, sleeping on your side

Overall, you're such a good baby. We have had a couple of struggles but really nothing we should even complain about so far. You've spoiled us and we are so happy that you are here and part of our lives. We have an exciting month 2 ahead of us! So many great things are in store - meeting great grandpa, Christmas, your baptism and everything that you are going to show us you can do! So excited to see what you'll be up to next month!

Love you Bailey Bear!
-Mommy and Daddy


  1. So cute .. wow i cant believe your little one is already a month ..
    and the one of her and the doggies just melts my heart <3

  2. She's so adorable!!! Our little guy loves the ceiling fan too. :-)

  3. She is too cute! I love all of her bows!

  4. So cute!! I can't believe it's been a month already!!

  5. what a great 1 month recap, she's been a busy girl her 1st 30 days! :)

  6. Baby future blogger!! ;-D Awww, SUCH a sweet post. Love the recap and photos (the baking photo is funny ;-)) She is a DOLL, Becky!

  7. I'm just catching up on blogs...I've been horrible! Congratulations on the birth of sweet little Bailey! She is ADORABLE! Hope mommyhood is treating you well!