Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend here and gone...

Friday: Hubby worked all day and night so that left me and Bailey to do our own thing :) We went shopping at a few different places gathering some supplies for her big party on Saturday (Baptism after party). When I got home, I got to work prepping some food and decorating some cookies I made for her baptism. I kind of anticipated them turning out a little better than they did, but they tasted yummy so I guess that's probably what matters the most :)

Bailey woke up mid-cookie decorating and was pretty needy so I wasn't able to get a ton of other stuff done (which I really need to do!). Once Chris got home from work, he was able to watch her for a bit and then I started stashing our clutter in closets and drawers cleaning the house up. We all settled in for a bit of TV and then off to bed we went. 

Saturday: I woke up around 4 since Bailey was moving around a little bit in her rocker (that is on my side of the bed) and she finally woke up at 5 needing to be fed. I went downstairs and fed her and knew she wasn't going back to sleep so I just stayed down there with her and cuddled. She finally fell asleep around 6 so I snuggled her some more and checked out pinterest and blogs. Around 7 I went upstairs and started getting ready since we needed to be leaving the house around 9. For some reason, no matter how much time I leave myself I'm pretty much always rushing out the door to be on time, which was the case Saturday morning. There were 36 kids baptized with Bailey on Saturday morning and around 300 people there - INSANE! I enjoyed the baptism, but honestly wish it would've been a bit smaller session, oh well. Here are some pics from the baptism. 
She slept through class and the first part of the Baptism
Splish Splash! She woke up to the water being put on her head, but luckily didn't cry :)
Drying her little head off
Godfather (Josh BIL) putting oil on her forehead
Godmother (Whitney SIL) with the candle
Bailey's cousin (Claire) helped blow out the candle
I think my SIL looks so pretty here! 
The fam after the baptism
Us with Bailey's godparents (Chris's sister and her husband) 
Us with Chris's parents 
Us with my parents 
Us with Millie and Brad 
Us with Bailey's aunt, uncle/godparents and cousins
 After the baptism we had a little lunch at our place. I made chicken wild rice soup, a veggie tray, breadsticks, cookies and picked up some spiral deli things from the freezer section. Nothing fancy pants!
Claire and Nana feeding Bailey
Cousin Max - he is at such a fun stage and cracks us up!
Wide-eyed Bailey
Bailey and Nana - Love this picture!!
My precious little girl. 
Side note - my mom didn't save a ton of my stuff from when I was a kid, but the little dress that Bailey is wearing was mine from when I was baptized. I'm happy that she saved that because it's a great thing to be able to re-use for my kid(s). And, of course, Bailey looked adorable in it :)

After the party was over, Bailey insisted that we change her into some Vikings gear! Chris and I had fun doing a little photo-op of her. 
Direct quotes from when we were taking these pics
"I swear she is getting cuter by the second"
"We are so screwed, we won't ever be able to say no to her"
Mommy and Bailey posing next to Jared's jersey in the basement                                
After the game was over, there was a little bit lot of this....
Poor Bailey (and daddy)

She was distraught for the rest of the evening and I think it even carried over to Sunday. Poor thing has a whole lot of this to look forward to growing up in MN. Maybe I should convince her to back a different team?? Nah, I'd probably be removed from my in-law's family and they're a pretty cool group of people :)

Sunday: One of my goals/resolutions for the New Year is to go to church once/month. We're more of the holiday church goers crowd. My hubby used to be much better at going to church and then we moved to Savage and his church was about 20 minutes away and I was not good at going with him. The church he/we go to is an amazing church and everyone I know that has gone there loves it! Chris asked if I wanted to go this morning and I said yes (keeping my goal in mind, which I had told him about the other day). I shouldn't even be surprised that the church was packed and overflowing with people. We were in the nose bleed section since we pretty much arrived at 11 (running late as usual). This church always incorporates fun elements into the sermon and today the pastor literally drove a Ferrari out on the stage. Here is my craptastic pic from the nose bleed section
                                                  Here is a better pic of what the car was
Pretty sure a lot of the men that were at service today were there to see the car, but they also heard a great message while they were there :)

After church we hit up Old Chicago and used one of our gift cards we have for there. Of course, we are still devastated over the loss of the nachos on there menu. Such a tragedy! When we got home, I took a little nap on the couch while Bailey and my hubby watched some more football. This evening, I was able to squeeze in a run on the treadmill while watching some shows on the DVR. 

I had a great weekend and am so thankful that we go to see our family!
J and W thank you so much for being Bailey's godparents, she is so incredibly lucky to have you guys (and her cousins!) in her life!

                   LIFE IS GOOD!


  1. Awww, Congratulations to sweet little Bailey on her big day!! She looked adorable, as always!

    And those pics in her Vikings tutu...I DIE! She is too darn precious!!

  2. Oh man, she looked so cute -- and how special that she wore your baptism outfit! Looks like a wonderful weekend! [and I think your cookies turned out GREAT!]

  3. Congrats on Bailey's baptism. My job dropped when I read 36 kids got baptized. I go to a tiny little church, so I can't even imagine. haha.

  4. She is soooo cute in her vikings outfit!! Adorable

  5. Congrats on the baptism! I'm in the process of planning Mac's for April. Can't wait!

  6. just stopping by to invite you to join a google plus community for Minnesota bloggers, like the two if us. If you're like me it'd be nice to have a little blogging community and maybe even meet up in real like someday! Hope to see you there! Just head to google plus and search "Minnesota blogger" in the communities. Ps- if you'd like to check out my blog, here's the address:

    Ps--your blog is really fun! Love the Vikings tutu! Too bad they didn't play better!

  7. bailey looked like a little doll for her baptism, so cute!