Monday, January 28, 2013

This weekend I...

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This weekend I met up with my friend Sarah on Friday night for dinner at Macaroni Grill. I have only eaten there a couple of times, but OMG it was good! Yum, yum! I brought Bailey with since Chris was working and she was good pretty much the whole time. Sarah is due June 28 and I am so excited to throw her a baby shower in May! We hammered out a few of the details and will know more when she finds out the gender next month, so excited for her and her hubby!

Sarah and Bailey at Macaroni Grill
This weekend Bailey got the cutest little boots from Sarah as a late Christmas present. I couldn’t wait to get them on her little feet and she wore them on Saturday too. So adorable!
So stinkin cute!
This weekend we went to Bailey’s daycare provider’s place on Saturday morning. Each time we meet up with her I feel more confident that she is the best choice for Bailey. She has 4 kids (12, 7, 3 and 15 months) and all of them were there on Saturday. The 2 oldest asked if they could hold Bailey and the youngest was so interested in her. I can tell their family is so loving and it makes me feel good that Bailey gets to be around them and have them loving on her all day long.
This weekend we went to Chipotle after the daycare lady’s house and had lunch. I got the salad and it was so delish! My friend Megan introduced me to the salad this summer and I’m so happy she did – yum!
This weekend I got my workout on! I did Zumba (on PS3), ran a mile on the ‘mill and some crunches/sit-ups on Saturday. On Sunday, I did the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd. I’m really feeling that one today – yowza!

I used to be so much better at the moves than I am now, I guess I need to do the video/game more often!
This weekend I made a Valentine’s Day tutu for Bailey. I can’t wait to dress her up in it! I’m such a dork and love dressing her up in tutus and bows. I’m pretty sure I’m scarring her for life by doing this, but she just looks so dang cute – I can’t help it!
The tutu is complete, I just don't have a completed picture and hubby is probably still sleeping otherwise I would request him to send a pic
This weekend I gave Bailey a bath all on my own (first time). I decided to take some cute pics of her before her bath in her little robe and slippers to send to dad…well, I took too long and Bailey peed on her robe and the changing pad. I thought my little pep talk before hand about it being a bad time to potty would work but I guess not! Little stinker!

Look how happy I am cuz I'm peeing and you don't know it :)
This weekend I got pretty good sleep at night. Bailey did really well with sleeping, we just need to get her going to sleep earlier in the night. Saturday was her best night and she slept for 9 hours! I couldn’t believe it. Hopefully she will get better about going down for the evening and Chris can figure out a method to get her to sleep. Always room for improvement J

This weekend I loved on my little peanut all 3 days! She is so much fun to be around and from what I hear, it only gets better as they get older. I can’t wait!

Please note her little hand grasping my arm. Chris and I love when she does this!
I hope you had a great weekend! I’m not liking the roads today! I made it to work good, but almost turned around due to the glare ice on one of the roadways, yuck!
Bailey says "Drive Safe Everyone!"


  1. So cute! Congrats on the 9 hours stretch! It's glorious when they start sleeping through the night.

  2. Oh I love the Macaroni Grill. So good!

    The roads were pretty icky today. But I feel like they could have been worse, I still made it down to school in the same amount of time :)

  3. Great weekend!!! Those are boots are adorable!!

  4. I haven't ventured out yet. Not looking forward to being out in this later today, but thankful I only have a few miles for a commute. Your weekend looks super fun. Glad you got to spend so much time with your little lady.

    1. Awww...just what I needed this morning...some Bailey pics. :) So glad you had some good quality time with your bebe this weekend!! Love how she holds on to your arm!! awww!

  5. june 28th is a GREAT date! ;) (Avrie's bday)
    those boots are too cute and YES it only gets MORE and MORE fun as they grow!

  6. There is nothing better than snuggling a baby. So adorable!

  7. OMG that bow! She is sooo cute!! ((: