Tuesday, June 18, 2013

7 months

Mama Mia is falling behind at these posts...here's a little recap of Bailey Rose at 7 months.

You made your first of many, many trips to Millie's cabin for Memorial Day weekend

lots of snuggle time with Nana

You really liked swinging
You made a cool drawing for daddy on the iPad for Father's Day
such an artist, you are
 You sat in the stroller like a big girl (face forward and no car seat!)
Hi daddy!

This is so fun (even in my pjs)
 You tried to score some of mommy's loot from the See's Candy MN Blogger meet-up
 You are still soooo close to crawling forward. You move in any other direction like nobody's business, but just can't move forward

 You have spent so much time with Great Grandpa who is visiting from Florida. He goes back on Thursday, June 20 - but has been here for 3 weeks. It's been so much fun having him around
sweet potatoes from Bumpa
We bought you a big girl car seat so daddy can have a car seat with a base in his car. Now that we're driving to Elko for daycare, we thought it would be a good idea for you to be extra safe with a base at all times.
 Another "big girl moment" - you rode in the shopping cart without a car seat. You're growing like crazy this month with so many new experiences.
You had so many people complimenting you on how cute and smiley you were. You're head will be growing too ;)
 We made a 2nd trip to the cabin June 7-9 for when Auntie Marcia arrived from Florida
You and Princess Claire dancing on the table

Mommy and Bailey on the pontoon

Family pic

Claire likes to feed you bottles

You got to sit in the mini cooper car - next summer will be a whole new experience at the cabin :)

Daddy and Bumpa take such good care of you
You did get to taste some of mommy's candy from See's. We let you suck on the sucker a few times and you experienced you first sugar high. It was pretty hilarious, but not something you'll be doing too often
yummy sucker
You are obsessed with your little feet. You love to pull them to your mouth and suck on your toes. You also sit and stare at your hands all the time. It's so dang cute

 You are more interactive with you puppies. They are unsure of how to play with you, but you will laugh at them and grab at their toys. It's about the cutest dang thing ever.
 Here you are eating some pears. You tried quite a few new foods this month. More to come in the next month.
 We met up with Sarah at PF Changs last weekend and you sat in the high chair for the first time at a restaurant. You thought it was pretty neat!
 Sarah has a c-section scheduled for Friday, June 21 since her baby is breach. I'm so excited to meet little Amelia and for you and Amelia to grow up together. Sarah and I have known each other since we were babies and it will be fun to continue the tradition :)
Sarah and Bailey at PF Changs

Other things to note

Height: unsure
Weight: unsure
Head: unsure
Places you've been: The cabin twice, your new location for daycare (in Elko - same lady), mommy's work
Doctor's Appointments: You don't go back until 9 months
Daycare: Still going well. The drive isn't favorable, but we're making the best of it. It's actually quite relaxing driving down there after work. Country roads and no hustle and bustle of crazy big city drivers to deal with equals a great way for mama to relax after work :) 
Sleeping: You're still doing so great in your crib! When we went to the cabin you slept pretty well there too. Sometimes getting you down took a little longer than normal, but you were in a strange place so I can't blame you at all. 
Eating: Still eating 6oz every 3-4 hours. We've introduced some solids into your diet and try to get you about 2oz of the food we're doing every day at lunch. You've had bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado (which you HATED and made you gag) and pears. Everything has gone good so far aside from the avocado. It might have been the avocado itself, I don't think it was very ripe. Mommy has made all of the food for you besides the pears. I figured I would see if you liked it before I pureed any for you. 
Clothing: Mostly wearing 3-6 month and 6 months
Diapers: You are wearing size 2 diapers when you wear regular diapers and cloth is still going great!
Things you like: your hands and feet are so much fun, going for walks, singing/talking, "petting" your puppies, playing with the puppy's toys, "swimming" on the carpet, playing with the cloth diapers and wipes, taking your paci out of your mouth and putting it back in, your mobile, sucking on your thumb/fingers, the song "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins, getting attention from others
Mommy likes: you love to pull mommy's hair and necklaces and suck on them, you try to give mommy kisses (which sometimes involves a tongue in mommy's mouth),
Daddy likes: cuddling with daddy, being goofy together, grabbing daddy's hair and ears (not his hairy ears;))

Bailey Rose - 
I can't get over how much fun you are! Every day it seems you are up to something new and entertaining us in a different way. You are a crazy, giggly goofball. I'm constantly getting compliments on your smile and your big blue eyes. You melt my heart. I can't imagine our lives without you. Great Grandpa and Auntie Marcia sure enjoyed spending time with you while they were visiting from Florida. I'm so thankful that you are able to see and spend time with Bumpa - he means so much to your daddy (and the rest of the family). I'm so excited to see what the next month has in store for our family. I love you sweetie!
Love, Mommy


  1. i love that shopping cart pic! good luck to your friend and her c-section delivery and recovery! how fun to have a new baby friend for bailey!

    1. Love the mini cooper. She's going to LOVE that when she figures out how to drive it herself.

      She's so darn cute, Becky!!

  2. So cute! And I LOVE the family pic with the beautiful sky behind you!

    It's it fun when they start experiencing all those firsts? Make you feel like your baby is quickly turning into a little toddler!

  3. Love all these photos!!! She's getting so big and more smiley by the day...which I wasn't sure was possible!! Happy 7 months to Bailey!

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