Monday, June 24, 2013

Randomness without any pictures

My parents are celebrating 36 years of marriage today. Their marriage is not always perfect (whose is?), but it has survived the ups and downs of life. Congrats to them!!
We did not suffer much from the crazy storms that hit the cities this weekend. So sorry for those who have damage or are without power. We lost power for about 2.5 hours on Friday night and I’ve never realized how dependent I am on some things…crazy!
We installed a rain barrel on Saturday afternoon. I bought one last summer and it’s just sat (in the front yard/backyard/garage) until Saturday. After the storms on Saturday night/Sunday morning it was full and overflowing – 50 gallons worth of water. If anyone needs rainwater – I’m your girl!
My good friend Sarah delivered a healthy baby girl on Friday. Welcome to the world Amelia Ivy! I can’t wait to meet you!
On another baby note, my old co-worker delivered a baby boy last week…11lbs 1oz. Holy buckets, that’s a big baby and her first – yowza!
Chris and I jogged 4 miles Saturday morning and 3.2 miles Sunday morning. I really liked starting my day out with those runs – so refreshing! Also, thanks hubby for sticking by me even when I’m dragging.  I’m beyond out of shape right now!!
Bailey Rose – thank you for being you. We love you beyond words. You bring an unimaginable amount of happiness/joy/laughter to our lives. You are simply amazing!
I’m trying to work on my health and fitness. I was doing pretty good and then I stupidly made Avalanche Bars. Chris has surprisingly eaten more of them than I have – which I don’t think has ever happened – EVER. I’m seriously considering throwing the pan away.
Work is crazy busy. I’ve been getting a lot of new responsibilities over the past few months. And then my most favorite boss ever decides to take a position outside the company. I think I’m still in denial that she doesn’t work here anymore. I’ve taken it hard personally because I consider her to be a friend and I’ve taken it hard professionally because she was a great mentor, knew my career path and was pushing me in the right direction. Now, I don’t even have a boss – unless you consider the temp who is here right now. All I know is that it’s going to be a loooong summer in the office L
I’ve been tempted to invite some fellow MN bloggers over for a super  casual evening of games/food and beverages. Anyone interested in that?
Thanks to all of you who leave me sweet comments. I'm pretty terrible at responding to them - so please don't take it personally if I don't. It's not you, it's me :)
Happy Monday!


  1. I'd be in for some games, and food. I love hanging with the bloggers. and I wanna meet the pups!

    1. I'd totally be in for a food/game night with the bloggers. :)

  2. I hear ya on the boss thing. My boss (who I was very close with) left our company last summer and it still feels weird some days. I'd totally be up for hanging out! You better make us those bars ;)

  3. Ditto on the games/drinks get together...I would be up for that! You going to make it to my place on Wed?!?

  4. What are you going to do with your rainwater now??

    And games and fun? I am in!! :)

  5. I would drive up for an evening of fun if I'm around...would love to meet that baby!

  6. Games and fun sounds great! I really hope to meet more of you MN blogger ladies soon!

  7. Nice job on the jogging!! Everytime I try to run a bit I feel like I'm going to pee my pants :-P I guess I'll just have to wait until next spring... hahah!

    I'd be down for a get together at your house even though its suuuuuuuuuuuuch a hike ;-)

    And I'm not even going to click on that Avalanche Bars link hahah!

  8. An 11lb baby oowwweee! ;) but glad two healthy babies have enteres the world, for you to hold! ;) many I love teeny babies :)

    I would love a casual mn blogger hang out! Keep me in the loop ;)