Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bailey Rose 10 months old (on 9-15-13)

Here's what you've been up to this month:

We got apples for your 10 month photos and then made our first batch of applesauce. It sure was yummy!



We met up with some of our MN blogger friends and their kiddos in Eden Prairie. It was so much fun!! This was your first trip to the splash pad. It will be more fun as the years go by :)


Mommy and you made a solo trip to the cabin over Labor Day weekend. You managed to get sick at daycare and shared your germs with everyone (including mommy and daddy, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles). Daddy was sick right before Labor Day weekend and also forgot to take time off of work. So we went up to the cabin for a couple of days to hang out with cousins, aunt/uncle and nana and Brad. 
Playing at mommy's work before heading to the cabin
Packed in and ready to head out!

We got there a day before your cousins - so nude pool time took place (for you, not mommy and nana)

After playing in the pool and having some yummy food - Mommy, Nana, Grandpa Brad and you all headed out on the pontoon for some evening fishing. You did soooo good while we were out for about an hour! And we were treated to a beautiful lake sunset!

The next day your cousins came and you showed them how you had learned how to say hiiiii and wave your hands in the air (pretty gosh darn cute)

You played in the lake and in the sand, you really loved it all! Besides when you fell face first into the sand, that wasn't fun for anyone :(

You and (almost) cousin Maylie enjoyed playing together quite a bit! She is 9 months older than you!


You and mommy slept in the loft the 2nd night there. I don't see this being our normal sleeping place, we'll stick with the camper when daddy is with us :)
yelling hiiii down to all of your cousins
You are such a goofball all the time! You love playing with doors swinging them open and shut and looking through the french doors that separate the office. Also, shoving paper in your mouth is another favorite!

You and mommy met Nana for mommy's night out at Shayla's new children's clothing store, CC & Mays. It was so much fun and the store is adorable!
You looked soooo cute in your jeans and shoes!
We also met up with blogger Kelly to check out a consignment sale in Lakeville. Here you are modeling some of your new stuff we got there! Pink fur boots, Elmer the elephant and a book about him. You also got some new clothes and toys :)

You love to watch videos on daddy's phone (they're all of you!). You giggle and just watch in awe. 

We won a cute bear hat from fellow blogger Dawn's giveaway. The hat is a little big, but your head measures in the 70th percentile, so I wanted to get you one that would fit this year next. Mommy also got a new hat, and it's pretty darn awesome! You had a lot of fun modeling the hat for me - goofy girl!

We went on a few family walks. You were in such a great mood this day, I love your pretty smile!

You helped daddy cheer on the Vikings for their first game (on 9-15). Sadly they lost (happens all the time), you will learn this is normal

Other things to note
Height: 27.5"
Weight: 17lbs 13oz
Head: 17.5"
Teeth: 4 (2 front top, 2 front bottom)
Places you've been: Cabin - consignment sale - CC & Mays - mommy's work- splash pad
Doctor's Appointments: You had your 9 month appt on Aug 26 (we're using those stats since I don't think too much has changed)
Daycare: Still driving to Elko about 2-3 days/week. Sometimes daddy keeps you at home with him instead of taking you to daycare (less driving). Daddy is so sweet and often times does the drop-off and pick-up!
Sleeping: Still doing great! Usually down around 9 and up around 7:30/8
Eating: Eating 7oz every 3-4 hours and solids 2/day. You haven't ventured into anything new this month. Still mom's homemade baby purees. 
Clothing: Mostly wearing 6 months and still squeeze into some 3-6 clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 2 diapers when you wear regular diapers. We've been putting you in an overnight disposable for night time sleeping with has made the leaks go away. This is our solution for now :)
Things you like: Saying hiiiii and waving your hands, climbing on your rocking chair, watching kids play, the water and splashing around, playing "fetch" with the puppies and watching them wrestle and play together
Mommy likes: when mommy talks and sings, when mommy comes home from work or picks you up at daycare, when mommy lets you climb up the stairs
Daddy likes: when daddy comes home from work, when daddy brings you to daycare (to see your friends!), when daddy reads to you, when daddy chases you around

Dear Bailey - I don't know how it's possible, but we fall in love with you more every single day!  We are so thankful that you are such a sweet and loving little girl.  Mommy and I constantly look at each other and shake our heads when you do ANOTHER thing that is adorable.  You fit in perfectly with us because you are a complete goofball.  You are growing up so quickly, and with each new thing you do I keep saying it can not get any better than this, and then it does :)  I love you so much sweetheart!



  1. What is it about babies and paper? I can't keep it out of my baby's mouth. He figured out he could reach the printer paper one day. That was...fun :)

  2. Gah, I can't get over the cute! She has the best facial expressions!!

  3. Such a cutie! Loved seeing you guys at the splash pad- let's get together again soon!

  4. I think it's so neat that you have a note from Daddy at the bottom. Such a special thing for Miss Bailey to have when she's older.

  5. I could seriously just eat her up!! She's always smiling and so adorable!!