Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bailey Rose 9 months old (on 8-15-13)

I'm a little embarrassingly late on this, due to no time, re-considering my stance with blogging...and that's all I got.

Here's what you were up to when you were 9 months old:


 Daddy participated in the Tough Mudder competition in WI, so we met him in Stillwater when he was finished for some nachos and Nacho Mamas and we explored the city for a bit before he got there and helped ourselves to some ice was hot out ;)


You love splashing in your pool and tubby time!! Mommy's little fish!


Daddy is very protective of you and makes sure you're safe at all times!! 

Exhibit A 
 Daddy loves to read to you and you do a pretty good job of sitting through a (short) book

You're so helpful with the chores around the house. Someday we'll be paying you a pretty penny to do these things

Mommy and daddy sneak in as many snuggles with you as they can. We know these moments are limited and take full advantage of them when they happen

You love to hang out in your exercauser and watch TV, snack on some puffs and throw everything off the exercauser to watch it fall to the ground

We lowered your crib again! You are such a little monkey in there. You really do love your crib and you like to sit and play with your animals/little blankies in there.

You got a tooth! Your first tooth showed up on July 22 (the bottom left one). You only have 1 tooth right now, but you're the cutest 1 toothed little girl :)

You can climb up the stairs. We have 14 steps from the main level to the upstairs and you can climb them all without much of a break. This is one of your favorite things to do, you always go straight to the steps!


You hosted a lovely group of MN Bloggers at your house. We had some yummy food and played games. You did so well with the "strangers" here.

You celebrated your mama's 30th birthday. I remember being pregnant with you last year and going to Stillwater for the day and thinking about how this year would be different having you here with me. I had no idea what an absolutely precious gift you would be. It's truly indescribable how much joy and happiness you bring me every single day.

You went to the zoo again. Part of mom's birthday festivities
At the petting zoo

You also went to Lake Calhoun and walked rode all the way around the lake with mommy and daddy. We made a few pit stops so you could go swinging and dip your toes in the lake.


You participated in a "surprise party" that didn't quite go as planned for Mommy's birthday, but it was still fun to celebrate with friends and family!

Other things to note
Height: 27.5"
Weight: 17lbs 13oz
Head: 17.5"
Places you've been: MN Zoo - Lake Calhoun
Doctor's Appointments: You had your 9 month appt on Aug 26
Daycare: Still driving to Elko about 2-3 days/week. Sometimes daddy keeps you at home with him instead of taking you to daycare (less driving). Daddy is so sweet and often times does the drop-off and pick-up!
Sleeping: Still doing great! Usually down around 9 and up around 7:30/8
Eating: Eating 7oz every 3-4 hours and solids 2/day. You haven't ventured into anything new this month. Still mom's homemade baby purees. 
Clothing: Mostly wearing 6 months and still squeeze into some 3-6 clothes
Diapers: You are wearing size 2 diapers when you wear regular diapers. We've been putting you in an overnight disposable for night time sleeping with has made the leaks go away. This is our solution for now :)
Things you like: What don't you like? Seriously, you're the happiest baby I've ever met! You're rarely upset or crying and when you do, it's usually justified.
Mommy likes: when mommy sings and dances for/with you, you love to pull mommy's hair and necklaces and suck on them, bath time with mommy
Daddy likes: when daddy sings to you in the morning to wake you up, when daddy gets home from work, daddy cuddles, when daddy plays with you, daddy reading you books (especially "Daddy Cuddles")

Dear Bailey,
You've done it again. Each month (day) I don't think it's actually possible to love you anymore than I already do, and then you learn and do something that is ridiculously cute and I somehow find a way to love you even more. Unbelievable! There is no possible way to describe this feeling to anyone. Parenthood is an indescribable feeling until you are there and living it. We love you so much sweetheart!


  1. You always are so creative with her monthly so cute!! :)

  2. happy 9 months!! i love the mirror photo session!

  3. Such a sweet post! I can't believe she's almost a year!!!