Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something New...

I'm pretty excited about a few recent purchases we've made. I'm typing this blog post on one of them. 

Last night we purchased a new computer!! Not just any computer, an iMac. I've been craving a mac computer for the past few months, mainly from jealousy of other people's macs. I threw the idea out there and my hubby went with it (yay!). Our local Best Buy was running a special of 36 months of interest free financing, so that pretty much sealed the deal for us. 

we went from this...

4 year old laptop that is slower than slow to this...

I'm in LOVE (sorry for the crappy lighting on the pic)

I was also able to get one of the items on my b-day wish list (found here)

Our living room went from looking like this...

See the ugly white-ish carpet that I desperately want to replace but don't want to pay for

To this...

After a quick trip to Home Depot last weekend, we now have this warm, pretty, soft rug to detour me from wanting to replace our carpet at a small fraction of the cost

Oscar and Kirby also love the new rug as you can see in these pics

I now have about 1,000 photos on our new computer and I'm so excited! Expect pictures in my future blogs!

Disclaimer: the pictures will still probably be as crappy in the future, new computer doesn't fix crappy photographer :(

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  1. Isn't that computer just amazing in soooo many ways?? Greg got one back in April and I could stare at it for days and days. Love your new rug too!! Have a great weekend, make sure to enjoy our pretty weather!