Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No obligatory election post here!

 Instead, the moment you've all been waiting for...Baby Thydean's Nursery pics! Ok, maybe I'm just happy that it's finally freakin' finished!

This is where baby girl will be spending her first few months until she (and we!) are ready to move her to her sweet little nursery.

What you see when you walk in the door

Picture of the closet (on the right when you walk in). That's a wet bag hanging on the left for all of her dirty cloth diapers (still really hoping that cloth diaper thing works out for us!) and a Vikings tutu hanging on the right. The memo board is recycled from the Gender Reveal party and it has some pics from our maternity photo shoot and my baby shower invite (elephant) hanging on it
Closer view of the crib/changing table. We were lucky enough that my parents generously offered to buy the crib/changing table and mattress! Don't be fooled, baby girl has been extremely spoiled by all of her immediate family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, great aunts/uncles, cousins). We are very, very thankful and fortunate!

Some of the pics above the crib (mirror turned chalkboard/pic of hubby/sweet song)

Closer view of the pic of my hubby above the crib (the hanging pic is actually cropped more, this is how I sent it to be printed). I have blurred out her name spelled in the blocks - you'll all know the name very soon :) I love this picture so much, I think my hubby looks so happy and there's the baby, him, me (with a much smaller tummy than I am sporting right now!) and right above his head the tree branches are forming a heart! 

The other pics above the crib (elephant family/pic of me/chalkboard)

Comfy chair/ottoman in the corner (purchased off of craigslist), blanket on the back of the chair is the first thing we bought for the nursery and was supposed to be our inspiration for the colors of the nursery (didn't quite go that route, but I still like the blanket) and little poms hanging above it bought at Michaels (the mobile, if you will - also Chris's favorite thing to hang in the room or not)

Dresser is part of our bedroom set, but we don't use since our closet was awesomely stocked with a floor-to-ceiling, really nice closet organizer. The dresser was in our guest room before. Let me tell you that most of the drawers are plump full of clothes for the little girl, I'm pretty jealous of her wardrobe! The little rocking chair was a "free on the curb" pick-up that I painted (it's officially not quite done yet, but will be very soon). The storage containers in the corner were a sweet find at Aldi (of all places, 2 cubes for $6 and they match perfectly!). I already had the storage system from my dorm room days.

Excuse the fingerprints on the drawers...I bought these little chalkboard signs at Joann for like $2/4 pack. I like how it helps with the organization of the clothing. I'm attempting to make it as easy as possible for my husband to put stuff away in the right spot ;)

Cute lamp I found on clearance at Target for $6 (the shade was slightly bent, but I easily bent it back to the correct shape). I bought some TV trays to use as a small table. I've actually wanted to buy them for a while and it just gave me an excuse to buy them. Picture in frame from our maternity photo shoot and a little wood elephant tea light holder I already had.

Check out her closet! Lots of fun stuff for future use. The dresser is mine from my nursery. It doesn't have any clothes in it yet, but I"m sure it will get filled up in no time. I have everything to paint it white (with chevron stripes), but once again I ran out of time so it's in it's true form for now

Close-up of the cute little closet dividers I made. And yes, some of the clothes still have tags on them...

Some books (love the middle one, haha!) and animals on the dresser. The little lamp in the corner I got at Hobby Lobby. I saw it last spring while up north in a cute little boutique (before I knew baby was a girl). I wanted it so bad, but obviously it wouldn't be good for a boy nursery. When we were in Minot in July we hit up Hobby Lobby (like 5 times) and it was 50% off what I would've paid up north and I knew we were having a little girl by then. Good things happen to those who wait, I guess :)
And that's the nursery. I really like the way it turned out and feel like it's not too babyish (or at all!). We're feeling very ready to get this little girl to her new home (and out of her current one). This little girl is not letting me sleep and her kicks and movements are starting to get painful. I'm officially at that point where I would like to see her on the outside ;)


  1. I love all the bright,bold colors!

  2. It's beautiful!! And I love your corner organizers and the Vikings tutu!! I hope everything goes smoothly in the next few weeks. Can't wait for her debut on here!

  3. Such a cute nursery! I love the cheery colors. I hope cloth diapering works out for you too! We are at 19 months and going strong (ok, sometimes I wish we were done, but overall I'm still happy). haha

  4. I love all the color, what a lucky little girl! :)

  5. Your nursery looks so good!!! You guys did a great job. I love the colors!