Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kharma - she's no friend of mine

I've pretty much known this day was coming for quite some time and totally do deserve what I got, but I honestly just didn't think the day would be here already.

A little short history of me and kharma. Let's take a trip back to almost 7 years ago on New Year's Eve 2005 just a month after me and husband met. He was having a big party at his house (this was the norm back then - complete with a keg and wop or jungle juice, I know - we're classy) and had invited me and some of my friends to come. I totally planned on going and told him that I was going the whole time and then about 6/7 on NYE I told him that I was going to just stay at home. He wasn't too pleased and didn't understand why all of a sudden I didn't want to come. I had also told my friends of my plan to tell him we're not going and then showing up and surprising him. My friends and I went to a nightclub for about 2 hours and then headed down to Chris's house. I had to stop at a gas station (for whatever reason) and ended up locking my keys in my running car. Crap! I had to call a locksmith to come get them out (not cheap, especially on NYE). Got keys out and continued to Chris's house. We got there, he was happy to see me but I know he was still not too happy about what I did. I guess one of my friends whose brother lived with Chris had told his brother of the plan and Chris knew we were coming. I told him about the keys being locked in my car and how I had to pay $100 to get them out and he just said it was kharma for not coming to his party.

This technically isn't from NYE 2005, but it is from about a month later. My hubby looks sooo different with facial hair and my hair was short! This is before we went to my Christmas party for work in January 2006.
Fast forward a few months later, I want to say summer 2006, where Chris and I were still in our "new couple" happiness (still love him to pieces!). We were laying around watching TV and I always tickled him since it was so easy to get him to squirm (I'm not very ticklish). He was laying on his stomach and I decided it was a brilliant idea to tickle the back of his foot, so I did and his natural reaction was to kick his foot up and nailed me in my eye/nose. He felt soooo bad and I was just laughing hysterically at it all. Turns out, I got a black eye from  his kick. Also turns out I had plans to meet with my parents the next night for dinner. I did meet my parents for dinner and despite my slight attempt to cover up my black eye they could still easily see it. My dad just asked if I deserved it (super sweet dad) and I explained what happened. I'm pretty sure nobody suspected anything, but it was still a little awkward to explain to friends, family, co-workers what had happened. I guess I deserved it since I was constantly tickling hubby then...not so much anymore :)

And now onto today's little mis-hap. Chris had just left for work and I was changing little Miss Bailey in the living room before I was going to sit down and cuddle with her to get her to sleep. Mid-diaper change a huge explosion of poop comes shooting out and sprays all over my pants, shirt, robe, carpet, and the little cloth under her. I've been warning Chris to wait before he changes her when we hear her poop because often times she will go again a few minutes later. I didn't hear her poop, just knew she needed  a change. I guess I deserved this. After my post yesterday where I noted how Bailey pooped in his hands during our photo shoot, and my comments to Andrea about pooping babies - I really deserve it. Kharma doesn't mess around.
Instagram with Andrea from this past summer

Andrea's comment on my blog post from yesterday

And I'm pretty sure this little princess is just plotting her next poop spray incident with mommy. I still love her to pieces - poop spray and all :)

yes, her little outfit does say "Little Sister." It's the only one they had at Target and she loves this style of sleeper and with a full-length zipper mommy and daddy love it too!

Happy Poopday Tuesday!


  1. HAHAHAHA! I love it! :) Keep the crazy baby stories coming!

  2. hahahaha oohhhh my gossshhhhhh!!!

    i told ya... ;) your time will come.

    i can GLADLY say while i have been peed on and victim to a poopy in the bathy i have NOT had a poop spray!!!!

    great great story... she's still perfect as ever! ;)

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