Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

I know, I know - it seems like I'm a day late with this post but since I didn't work yesterday I consider this my "Monday"

- I went to Target after work to try and check my BP (they don't have a monitor, in case you're ever looking for one) and while there I decided to look at camcorders since I really want to get one for the baby. I walked into the electronics dept and a few ladies were chatting and one of them asked if she could touch my belly and commented on how I looked soooo cute! Before I could process or respond - there her hands were, plopped right on my belly! I have avoided this awkwardness all through my pregnancy, but I guess I couldn't go the whole way through without a stranger touching my belly.
I wish I would've had this, but I honestly don't think it would've helped me!

- Afterwards, I decided to walk to GNC next door to see if they might have a BP monitor (they don't) - I figured, what the heck it's right here. One lady working in the store (no customers), who apparently is 24 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. I spent a good 15-20 minutes talking to her all about her kid and her current pregnancy. Super nice lady, but I kind of just wanted to be on my way...
- I finally ended up at Cub (they have a BP monitor!) and checked my BP. It was high and I was disappointed/scared/nervous. As much as I was hoping to have a baby this weekend, I don't want to be induced for high BP/preeclampsia.

- I spent 45 minutes on hold trying to get through to my clinic/hospital's nurse line to talk to them about my high BP/signs of preeclampsia. I felt fine, but wasn't sure if I should come in for an official reading and/or bloodwork. I finally gave up on waiting on the phone and decided to just go on with my Saturday plans.
- I packed up the monkeys and we headed to grandma and grandpa's (my parents) house. We went out to lunch, went to Cabella's to get my brother's Christmas present, did some other Christmas shopping and then came home to have a walleye dinner - yum!
- Afterwards, we baked some cookies for when my bro is here for Thanksgiving next week (holy crap it's already Thanksgiving!!). Quality control was in full effect by all 3 of us. luckily we made double batches of everything! It was a lot of fun to hang out with my parents and cross a few gifts off my list.

- I was going to go to MOA to get a few things, but one of the stores I was headed to had closed down there and the only one left was at Albertville. I really didn't want to go out there since I was practically there on Saturday, but I really wanted to get some stuff from that store. Off to Albertville I went! It was very successful and I got a ton of presents completed or half way completed from my Christmas list. A little bit of a scary moment on the way there when a guy ran a red light and nearly t-boned me, which then made me start crying thinking of the fact that me and baby could've been injured/in the hospital. Always scary, but even scarier with a baby on board!
- On the way home I decided Schlotzsky's for lunch sounded perfect and it did not disappoint! I love that place and I always order the same thing.
The Original - perfect combination of flavors! Is it bad that this photo is making me salivate??

- When I finished up there, I headed to World Market. I didn't realize they had re-opened and then Michelle posted that she had got some stuff from there. Probably a good thing that I have moved offices since it's literally across the street from where I used to work. I think I would need a 2nd job if I still worked over there!
- Sunday evening hubby didn't work so we went to Target and picked up the camcorder that I found on Friday. I used my 10% off remaining items on gift registry, plus a gift card I got from co-workers and my 5% off for the Redcard. I'm very happy with our camcorder and we got it at a great price! I'm excited to video so many special moments and really excited to have her homecoming and the monkeys meeting her for the first time on video.

-We also picked up a movie to watch. We got What to Expect When Expecting. It started out a little slow, but overall we both thought it was hilarious and seemed fitting since we're nearing the end of pregnancy!

-Hubby had to work all day long, so I was on my own! I had big plans to clean the house from top to bottom and that I did. Nesting kicked into high gear! I cleaned and scrubbed and dusted and probably over-worked myself, but I am happy to have the house in order before baby is here and we have friends/family visiting.
-I met up with Kelly for dinner at Which Which, a new sandwich place in Savage. It's a new spin on a sandwich place and it was pretty tasty. I got an Italian sandwich (the Grinder) and Kelly got the Thank You Turkey sandwich (with stuffing and cranberries on it!) and my hubby is super jealous of her sandwich choice! He was asking all about it last night and then again this morning. I think I see him going there sometime soon :) Kelly was so incredibly nice and spoiled little baby girl with some clothes and adorable hair clips. I'm so excited to get her dressed up in her new outfits!

So that's what I got up to. I'm really excited to see what happens in the next few days. My official due date is Sunday, Nov 18...we'll see if she comes early, late or on time. I tried bribing her to come out yesterday, but I guess she isn't easily sold on being spoiled as a bribe :)


  1. You're a far nicer person than I. I'd have gone ape on someone trying to touch my preghetto belly. Ha! Hoping these last few days go well for you. Enjoy this special time when you get her all to yourself. I've heard my friends say they actually miss that special bonding after the birth. But again, I can understand how you want the pregnancy to just be over. ;)

  2. i am SO excited for you and cant wait for baby girl's announcement!

    SUPER happy you and baby didn't get in that T-BONE, how scary! i was in a VERY VERY minor car accident when I was pregnant and it was super scary. i THANK GOD it was nothing major at all! besides i was out of town and away from home.

    enjoy these last few days before baby arrives! thinking of you! :)

  3. You were by my house TWICE this past weekend, I'm assuming you went to the cabelas in rogers :)

    Can't wait for you little girl to arrive!

  4. OMG! I would have freaked out at that lady if she had touched my belly! NOT ok! HAHA :) I can't wait to see the little one! :)