Monday, June 20, 2011

I survived...

Well, I'm happy to announce that I survived the Great Father's Day BBQ weekend. It was a lot of work, but was a lot of fun (and my house is still pretty clean)

Saturday morning, I slept in a little bit and then woke up to hit up the grocery stores.
  • Target
  • Cub
  • Aldi
  • Target
Once I finished my shopping, it was time to unload everything and start preparing the food for dinner. I had to cut veggies, bake 2 cakes, make coleslaw, make baked beans (recipe can be found here, and trust me - it's worth clicking on), make hamburgers and make all the food look pretty and delish :)

Then comes the fun part - painting, cleaning, vacuuming, running around like a crazed woman!

We had my parents, Chris's mom, aunt and grandpa over for dinner. It was delicious and a fun evening. It would've been nice if it hadn't rained all day so we could sit outside, but inside was nice too.

Sunday - Chris, his dad, grandpa and brother-in-law went golfing in the morning. I tackled refinishing our coffee table. I think the hardest part was getting the cap off the refinishing stuff. Seriously spent about 30 minutes working on that. My hands are sore and I ended up taking a wrench to it in frustration...but I did get the liquid out to get my table done.

That evening we went over to my sister-in-law's house for a BBQ. It was so delicious. I need that chicken recipe - so flavorful and tender, yum! We had dinner outside in the nice sunny weather. Perfect way to end our weekend with family and relaxation. We had to say goodbye to Chris's aunt and grandpa. So sad to see them go, but grandpa should be back up here in September! We can't wait!

I hope you had a great weekend! I hope this week flies by!

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  1. Thank you, Becky, for all your hard work. The food and company were awesome! We so enjoyed spending time with you and Chris and seeing your mom and dad again.