Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Praying for Minot, ND

Today I'm praying and thinking of all my friends and family in Minot, ND and surrounding areas. They have spent the last month dealing with flooding. It is unimaginable to think about what families are going through right now. There were mandatory evacuations a few weeks ago and now again as more water is let out into the river that runs through the small town. Looking at pictures and reading posts on Facebook just breaks my heart. The community is awesome and are working together and helping each other out to fight this flood. This is record breaking water heights and so many families and businesses will lose so much. These pictures were posted on Facebook by the local news station that has been covering the story (KX News Minot).
Bridges flooding
Basements Flooding

Trucks hauling sand through the town

This picture scares me - I can't imagine that much water around my house unless I'm on an exotic island
Some grocery stores have had to shut down if they are in the evacuation zones
Business doing their best to protect what they have

Sandbags and plastic to protect everything you can
They have built up dikes time and time again to stop the water
I am fortunate enough that my brother's family is not in the evacuation zones (they moved to a house on top of a hill last summer) and most likely will not lose anything. My aunt and uncle are not so lucky. They have livestock and household items to get out before this weekend when the water is supposed to rise drastically. I also have many friends that are evacuating and trying to get through this. I can't imagine evacuating and trying to focus on your everyday activities (work, kids, etc). My high school 10 year reunion has been cancelled (possibly rescheduled) due to the flooding.

I just ask that you think and pray for this community! The worst is still to come and when it's over, you have to go back to your house and start over.

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