Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

Hello, I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge found here. Link up if you'd like to join!

Day 2 is: Tell us about your blog

Well, I just started my blog this year in April. I had been following a few blogs that were hilarious and interesting and informative. I wanted to start my own, but didn't really know what to talk about. We don't do a ton of stuff around here - work and work - house projects - hang with friends and family and that's about it. Most people blog about their family (kids), a special interest they have (cooking, crafts, traveling). I just blog about whatever I'm thinking for the day or sometimes it's the week or any special event for the weekend. 

I also like to talk about nachos on my blog, because they're delicious! My husband and I love nachos and like to eat them ALOT! I once started a spreadsheet documenting the different nachos that we'd had at different restaurants and the toppings involved. It was color coded and amazing. I had a lot of free time on my hands at my previous job and this is the "special project" that I came up with...I know you're jealous! My favorite place to get nachos around here is Old Chicago and my husband's is Carbones Pizza. I usually cave and go to Carbones, but Old Chicago's nachos are near and dear to my heart : )

Another thing you'll find me blogging about is our yorkies. They provide so much daily entertainment for us. We love them so much! I really can't imagine our life without them. My husband and I got married in Florida on the beach (almost) 2 years ago. There was conversation of our dogs (aka the monkeys) coming to Florida with us to be in the wedding. They would have been sporting little ties or possibly just some sort of hawaiian shirt. Our wedding was pretty low-key and a tie might have been over dressed for the occasion. l have a feeling they would have been there if the house we rented allowed dogs. 

That's all I got for day 2, stay tuned for day 3 (Tell us about your job)

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