Sunday, September 4, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Hello, I'm doing a 30 day blog challenge found here. Link up if you'd like to join!

Day 4: Tell us about your family

My family is pretty awesome! I have 1 older brother who is married and has 3 kids (2 nephews and a niece). They live in Minot, ND so we don't see each other a ton. My husband has one younger sister who is married and has 2 kids (1 niece and 1 nephew). They live a street away and we see each other pretty often. You would think living that close together we would see them practically daily, but they have their busy schedules and my hubby works a lot at night. My parents live about 45 minutes from us (they moved when I graduated high school) and my hubby's parents both live within 20 minutes of us. It's nice that we're all pretty close together. 

Here are some pics of the family. 
Thanksgiving 2010 - hubby, me, mom, nephew (Cody), dad, bro, s-i-l, new baby niece (Leah) and my other nephew (Josh)

Here is one of my niece (Leah) and I this past July when we went to Minot to visit them - this pic cracked me up when I saw it the other day
my m-i-l and her dad (Bumpa). He lives in Florida and makes visits up to MN about twice a year - very special guy in this family!
s-i-l, her husband, my niece Claire and my nephew Max - yes, I stole this from FB (hope you don't mind :))

my f-i-l and Bumpa at our gift opening. And yes, that is Kirby passed out on Bumpa's knee :)
And last but not least        
Kirby and Oscar in their new life jackets - they're our little monkeys 

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