Monday, May 9, 2011

Cookie Flower Bouquet

As part of my Mother's Day present to my mom and mother-in-law, I made cookie flower bouquets. This was my first time making them and I think they turned out pretty great! If you are related to me or friends with me, you may receive one of these in the future...just a warning!
I made the cookie dough with that HUGE bag of sugar cookie mix in the back ($.79 at Costco a month ago, unbelievable!). Roll the dough out and cut with cookie cutter. Put a stick (found at Michael's) in the bottom and I had to patch the back with extra dough.

I made the cookie glaze by following a recipe I found in a clipping for coupons, added some food coloring and sprinkles. I found the center of the flowers at Target in the bulk candy section. Some sort of sugar coated lemon gummy candy.

I frosted the cookies, sprinkled them and pushed the candy in the middle. I had to let them sit out overnight for the frosting to dry. The next morning I used plastic wrap to wrap them up and used some ribbon I found at Michaels to tie little bows at the bottom. FYI, I really suck at tying little bows!

I got these cute little flower pots at Michaels and stuffed them with floral foam.

Here is the finished product! The green grass is some shredded paper that is used for a gift bag or basket.

By no means am I claiming to be good at this! I know some of you that may read this are awesome bakers, and I am at best a novice. Just having some fun in the kitchen!

We had a good weekend and enjoyed hanging out with our Mothers. Now back to the grind at work :(


  1. Your cookie bouquets were so cute and the cookies were so yummy - thank you, Becky!

  2. Hey Becky! Thanks for stopping by my blog! These are so cute and look delish! I have always wanted to make my own cookie bouquet and now I might just attempt it.