Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday


1. I am thankful to have tomorrow off of work! I have a ton of work to do at home (set up a garage sale, at least most everything is priced). I really hope we can unload some of our stuff on to happy buyers!

2. I am sooo thankful for the beautiful weather we are having right now. It's been 70s and sunny every day this week and it feels like paradise!

3. I am thankful that my hubby will have a little break from work this weekend. He has some days off which is much deserved by him. He will have to work the garage sale, but that's a lot less labor-intensive than his usual gig(s)!

4. I am thankful that my girlfriends and I are having a girls night this weekend! These ladies are a blast to be with and we have lots of fun together (no drama). It's in Forest Lake so we don't have to deal with outrageously expensive and packed downtown bars and clubs. I'm all for the small town gatherings!

5. I am thankful that next weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I can't wait to have another long weekend and spend some time with my hubby's family at the lake cabin.

6. And finally, I am thankful that in 3 weeks this adorable man will be flying up from Florida to spend a few weeks with us. He is my hubby's grandpa and is such an incredibly sweet guy. Him and hubby's aunt, Marcia, will be flying up to spend some time at the cabin and do lots of fishing and goofing around.

Rudy and Janeal (Chris's mom) doing some fishing at the lake

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