Thursday, May 12, 2011

Time Killer or The Time I Killed my Computer

Well, since I showed up to work this morning and all of my computer settings are lost and I'm waiting for IT to contact me, I figured I should post something on here. Not only is my computer jacked up, but our phones are down which makes the likelihood of IT contacting me zero to none. I think I should get to go home and have a free day, but the boss didn't agree to that.

I wish I was going to the Taste of Lakeville tonight, but the hubby has to work (actually delivering food to the Taste of Lakeville for the restaurant we works at). It's in downtown Lakeville, MN and they have food from local vendors and tents with tables and tables of wine and beer to "taste" as many times as you want. It costs $30 and is a blast. There is live music playing and a silent auction. In the past, I have definitely gotten my $30 worth of food and alcohol. Hopefully next year we will be able to attend it.

In other news, I downloaded a new app last night on my iphone. It's pretty awesome! It's called Joggy Coach and it tracks the distance, time and pace of your run. And it's FREE! I went for a jog last night and put it to it's test. Every 5 minutes it interrupts your music and announces all of the info. One down side is that you can't have a playlist going, you have to go to your ipod and start the music. You can upgrade to the premium version and get the playlist feature. Not sure it's worth it, but I'll see.

I'm so happy Friday is almost here! Not much going on this weekend. A certain someone is having a birthday on Saturday and on Sunday I might be attending a bridal expo with my friend Sarah. She's getting married in September and still looking for ideas.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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